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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Richard Viguerie Says Ball is in McCain's Court

White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives to Convene 'Compassion in Action Roundtable' on Social Enterprise

Dot Com Evangelist Brings Jesus and Gospel Music to Twelve-day-long Florida State Fair

Audio Bibles Impact Albuquerque Churches

Colporteurs: Bringing the Bible to Black Americans

Small Claims Case against Tiller Reveals Suspicion of Evidence Tampering

Kansas Supreme Court Stays Order to Produce Abortion Records

Pope Chooses 'Political Correctness' Over Christ

Civil Rights Commission to Examine Prisoners' Religious Rights

Stellar Award Winning Songwriter of Year Jonathan Nelson Releases First CD on Integrity Music

Ministry Offers Solution for Over-Accumulation of Christmas 'Stuff'

Nationwide 40 Days for Life Effort Focuses on Bringing Abortion to an End

Church Solutions Conference & Expo Brings Unique Education Format and Noted Keynote Speakers to Church Leaders

Christian Vote Will Make Difference Today

How Would Jesus Vote?

Monday, February 04, 2008

Clint Brown Releases 17th CD

Rachel's Park Memorial Vandalized

Institute Denounces Draft Iranian Penal Code Death Sentence Legislated for 'Apostasy'

Lawyer for Human Rights and Democracy Activist, Peng Meng, Files for Medical Parole

Richard Viguerie: Open Up the GOP Race

Watch Out Netflix and Blockbuster

Steve Amerson to Sing at the at Reagan Library

Mitt Romney's Liberal Paradigm Shift: a Republican FOR Homosexual 'Special Rights'

Remarks by President Bush After Meeting with his Cabinet

'Running God's Way' Helps Christian Candidates Launch a Successful Campaign

Votingforsatan.com Features Judas Gallery of High-Profile Christians Supporting Romney's Candidacy

Oldest Rabbinic Group in U.S. Bans Voting for Anti-Family Values Candidates

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson Announces Personal Endorsement of Governor Romney for President of the United States

Warmonger McCain's Statement that it's 'Fine' if We're in Iraq 100 Years Shows He's Biblically, Constitutionally Unqualified to be President

McCain, Huckabee Worst Picks for Evangelicals

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