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New Movie Explores Worship Styles in Today's Churches
Contact: Dave Moody, Elevating Entertainment, 704-282-9910, ext 101

CHARLOTTE, Nc., May 6 /Christian Newswire/ -- For many years, Sunday mornings were known as the most divided hour in America due to race. Today, it's still divided, but often by music and worship styles as congregations seek to reach an audience whose tastes for music and tech savvy presentations create new challenges for today's church leaders.

Praise Band: The Movie, produced and directed by Grammy nominee and Dove Award winner Dave Moody, seeks to present a balanced perspective of the struggle while emphasizing the true meaning of worship. The movie is set for national release to churches and other Christian groups through public view licenses obtainable from Elevating Entertainment by calling 704.282.9910 or visiting www.PraiseBandMovie.com.

"Every church in America has gone through it, is in the middle of it, or will one day be forced to deal with the issue of traditional verses contemporary worship," says Dave Moody, once a worship leader himself for several large and small churches in North Carolina and Georgia. "I've seen first hand the deep rooted worship preferences that many congregations struggle with today. We want this movie to be seen in as many churches as possible, not only to provide entertainment, but also to open up meaningful dialog among church leaders and their members as they examine what it means to be true worshipers of God."

As a synopsis, Praise Band: The Movie is a funny, yet touching story of one band's efforts in a small town church. Through their growing music ministry, the band not only reaches out to their community, but also grows in their own individual walk with God. Worship leader Matt Young (Adam Melton) is hired by Pastor James Monroe (Dana Bryan) when the church’s music director of 30 years suddenly retires. Immediately, these young leaders meet with much opposition from members of their congregation who still cling to traditional roots and their familiar worship service. Led by church treasurer Wayne Wilson, who is played by Grand Ole Opry star and frequent Billy Graham Crusade performer George Hamilton IV, the congregation resists the idea of change and Matt's new style of guitar driven music. Despite resistance, Matt quickly assembles a group of talented musicians, named Mark, Luke, and John, as well as Wayne’s granddaughter Ginny, each dealing with their own unique set of life issues. Together, this group of unlikely servants finds a common bond and unites a dwindling flock through music and their daily walk with God.

"Churches today have to find a way to take the truths of the Gospel that never change, and present them to a culture that is always changing," says Dana Bryan, pastor of City Center Chapel in Charlotte who played the main pastor in the film.

"I've heard it said, that many churches have at least a small 'back to Egypt' committee, says Moody. "It's never easy to find a balance between old and new, but churches today that find this balance seem to make a difference in their communities and the lives of their congregations which often leads to church growth. Every church doesn't have to make a decision to use the same music and worship style as the church in our movie presents, but the dialog and process can be healthy for any congregation."

As the story concludes, it's not about worship for us, it's about worshiping God. "And when we are truly doing that," adds Moody, "great things seem to happen!"

For more information, contact Elevating Entertainment, 704.282.9910, or visit www.PraiseBandMovie.com.