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Friday, September 07, 2007

Remarks by President Bush and President Putin of Russia in Photo Opportunity

Remarks by President Bush and President Roh of South Korea in Photo Opportunity

Few People are Healed as Quickly as They Desire - Chronic Illness Ministry Expert Sheds Light on Invisible Illness During Awareness Week

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Remarks by the President at Lunch with Southeast Asian Leaders

Objections Fail to Stop Abortion Records Interview at Legislative Hearing

Statement by the President Regarding the Death of Dr. D. James Kennedy

Remarks by the President to the APEC Business Summit

Heritage Foundation Book Event for 'The Natural Family: A Manifesto' - Sept. 7 at Noon

Richard Viguerie: Thompson's Newest Hollywood Role--Playing a Conservative

Truepath Christian Web Hosting Unveils Web Design Plans for Churches

Will Justice be Served or will Abortionists Remain Above the Law

Fr. Pavone Mourns Passing of the Rev. D. James Kennedy

Churches, Nonprofit Agencies Monitor Resources, Reduce Benevolence Fraud and Duplication of Services Through CharityTracker? Community Assistance Network

Will Justice be Served or will Abortionists Remain Above the Law

Grand Jury Petitions Demand Another Tiller Investigation

Ex-Discovery and AOL Executive Announces Creation of New Christian Film Group

Remarks by President Bush and President Hu Jintao of the People's Republic of China

Legal Tips for Parents for the 2007 School Year

New TV Season of Extraordinary Health with Jordan Rubin

It is Hypocritical for Reid, Pelosi and Clinton to Condemn Iraqi Leaders When Congress Cannot Pass Immigration Reform or Rebuild New Orleans

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Streaming Faith Launches New, Affordable, Self-Service Video Solution - VIDEGO

Proclamation by the President: National Days of Prayer and Remembrance, 2007

Presidential Message: Rosh Hashanah, 5768

Trinity Broadcast Network Announces the Premier of the Family Friendly Series 'The Stranger'

Shelter is No Longer Enough, It's Time to Rehabilitate -- Domestic Violence Rehabilitation

House Church Leader in Xinjiang Formally Arrested for Receiving Bibles and Abused in Jail

Services Scheduled for Dr. D. James Kennedy

Statement of Christian Action League on Passing of D. James Kennedy

From The Inspiration Ministries: Statement on the Death of D. James Kennedy

Parents CAN Behave--Even When Their Kids Don't

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