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Dodge City Ministerial Alliance Condemns the Political Persecution of Mayor Joyce Warshaw, Urges Reconsideration of Her Resignation, Full Independent Investigation

Dodge City Ministerial Alliance
Dec. 16, 2020

DODGE CITY, Kan., Dec. 16, 2020 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Dodge City Ministerial Alliance is dismayed to learn of the threats to the life of Mayor Joyce Warshaw over an interview she gave to USA Today and urges the City Commission to reject her resignation.

Particularly concerning to the Alliance is the mob that attacked Mayor Warshaw is comprised of leading Christians in Dodge City, Kansas.

"There is no place in Dodge City for Cartel or Posse Comitatus style mob rule. It is ungodly, unconscionable and we reject it."

Dodge City Churches were negatively impacted by the policies and political positions championed by Mayor Warshaw and in the case of First Baptist Church, took those disagreements to court where civilized people settle disputes.

The Ministerial Alliance celebrates the recent US Supreme Court decision that found our constitutional rights are not suspended on account of a pandemic and we believe these protections extend to individuals and businesses as well as Churches. We do not support unconstitutional mandates. We are committed to healthy Civil Discourse about the issues that divide us and reject the kind of corruption that gave Dodge City the enduring reputation as "The Wickedest Little City in America" where to the "east of Dodge City, there is no law, to the west of Dodge City, there is no God."

The Ministerial Alliance condemns the Dodge City Police Department and Chief Drew Francis for their "too cute by half" looking the other way in Mayor Warshaw's distress. A police department that provides comfort, aid, and encouragement to lynch mobs attacking the Police Chief's political opponents can be no solution to any problem faced by Dodge City, Kansas.

The resignation of Mayor Warshaw under these circumstances is just another shameful stain on the people, institutions, and Christians of Dodge City.

The Ministerial Alliance urges all Dodge City Pastors to teach their leaders and members the appropriate and Christian principles of civil discourse and to impose church discipline on their leaders, donors, and members who took part in threatening the life of Mayor Warshaw.

The Dodge City Ministerial Alliance urges the City Commission to appoint a special independent investigator to review all phone calls, text messages, emails, and social media exchanges, both private and in the course of duty, of Chief Francis and the officers involved in this saga, officers who answered any calls, and officers who handled any investigation into the death threats, as well as all other matters as may come up in a review to assure the public of proper oversight of our law enforcement and that the constitutional rights of all Dodge City Residents, not just the ones Chief Francis and the mob like, are protected by our elected officials.

"Dodge City is better than this."

SOURCE Dodge City Ministerial Alliance

CONTACT: Rev. CJ Conner, 620-315-3787