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VoteYesMarriage.com Airing California Radio Ads to Place the Voters' Right to Protect Marriage Initiative on the 2008 Ballot

Former Assemblyman Larry Bowler urges 'financially blessed' listeners to make major contribution to campaign to override judges and politicians


Contact: Randy Thomasson, VoteYesMarriage.com, 916-265-5643


SACRAMENTO, July 18 /Christian Newswire/ -- The VoteYesMarriage.com coalition, sponsor of The Voters' Right to Protect Marriage Initiative to permanently and fully protect marriage for one man and one woman in the California State Constitution, is airing radio ads up and down California urging "people of means" to generously donate to the marriage protection campaign. The radio ads come at the same time that the VoteYesMarriage.com initiative has been cleared for signature gathering.


The VoteYesMarriage.com ads are airing on conservative talk, Christian talk, and Christian music stations in San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino, Oxnard, Santa Barbara, Monterey County, San Francisco, Sacramento, Modesto, Fresno, and Bakersfield. The 60-second spot features former Assemblyman Larry Bowler of Elk Grove, an official proponent of the initiative.




Air: 7/16 - TFN


LARRY BOWLER: Have you been financially blessed? Do you believe marriage is for a man and a woman, and that government should stop forcing businesses to undermine marriage?   


This is Assemblyman Larry Bowler. I served thirty years as a sheriff's deputy and six years in the California Legislature. Now I'm a leader with the VoteYesMarriage.com campaign to protect everything about marriage in our state Constitution.


Time is short. The California Supreme Court is scheming to create "same-sex marriages" as early as next year!


But there's great hope. If you've been financially blessed, you have the means to save marriage. The VoteYesMarriage.com must quickly raise two-and-a-half million dollars to qualify our rock-solid marriage amendment for the ballot.

Will you help stop the judges and politicians? You can leave the legacy of marriage to future generations.


If you're a person of means, please call me personally at 916-265-5643. 916-265-5643.


ANNOUNCER: Paid for by VoteYesMarriage.com.


"Marriage is for one man and one woman, and marriage rights are obviously for marriage," explained Bowler.  "People of means who strongly believe in marriage should act now to help place the VoteYesMarriage.com amendment on the ballot. We must raise more than $2 million to override the judges and politicians and fully and permanently protect marriage for one man and one woman. The only initiative that will accomplish this is the rock-solid VoteYesMarriage.com amendment."


The threat to marriage in California is very real. The California Supreme Court, which already has the case challenging the state's man-woman marriage definition, has enough votes to create homosexual "marriages" when the high court rules in early 2008. This year, AB 43 by Assemblyman Mark Leno of San Francisco, which has already passed the California State Assembly, would impose "same-sex marriages" upon every community in California. Meanwhile, SB 11 by state Senator Carole Migden of San Francisco, which has already passed the California State Senate, would award all the rights of marriage to unmarried men and women who refuse to get married.


In 2000, California voters overwhelmingly passed Proposition 22 to keep marriage between a man and a woman. Unfortunately, Proposition 22 was not a constitutional amendment that trumped the judges; the proposition's limited text also left marriage an empty shell devoid of any exclusive value.