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Pro-Life Nation Endorses Karen Handel for Senate
Handel Viewed as Best Candidate to Defeat the Left's Fictional 'War on Women'

Contact: Troy Newman, 316-841-1700

MEDIA ADVISORY, May 9, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- Troy Newman, President of both Pro-Life Nation and Operation Rescue, adamantly endorses Georgia candidate Karen Handel for U.S. Senate.

"Anyone who is willing to go head to head with Planned Parenthood, even to the point of sacrificing her own job, deserves my organization's support," Newman says, recalling Handel's courageous 2012 publication of Planned Bullyhood, a book which detailed the mafia shakedown Planned Parenthood gave Susan G. Komen when the breast cancer group tried to shift funding away from the abortion giant in order to create higher quality grants.

At the time, Handel was Vice President of Komen and intimately involved with the new changes in the foundation's policy. As a result, Handel's character and pro-life convictions became a direct target in the media firestorm that Planned Parenthood quickly orchestrated in order to publicly pressure Komen into backing down from the change in funding.

Newman states, "Handel has something this country truly needs: moxie. Despite intense opposition from one of the highest funded political machines in our nation -- that is, Planned Parenthood -- Handel's true character has gone untouched. She has continued to be an advocate for women and children in her state, and in the nation, by moving forward with her unwavering and unapologetic pro-life stance."

Handel has also consistently opposed Obamacare, describing it on her campaign site as "the biggest government intrusion into our lives in American history."

"I couldn't agree more," Newman says. "Obamacare not only creates more direct funding for the abortion industry, including Planned Parenthood, it also completely removes the individual freedom of every single American, born or preborn. If Handel is willing to stand against Planned Parenthood and the Obama administration, then I am willing to stand with Handel. Georgia and the U.S. Senate will have found an earnest servant of the people in electing this courageous woman."

"And, let me assure you," Newman adds, "a courageous woman like Handel is exactly what the Senate needs right now to overcome the left's constant manipulation of the public with its fictitious 'war on women.' Handel has seen, first hand, the kind of coercive war organizations like Planned Parenthood bring against women, not for them, and she has stood her ground in the midst of it. Handel knows where the real battle is, and she will take that experience and bold insight straight to Washington."