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Proposition 1 Guarantees More Than Late-Term Abortion


Stop Prop 1
Oct. 21, 2022

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Oct. 21, 2022 /Christian Newswire/ -- Proposition 1, an initiative on the November 8th ballot, will enshrine late term abortion in the California constitution.

This proposed amendment to the state constitution will not only guarantee "reproductive freedom" for every individual, regardless of age or sex, but it will also negatively and irreversibly impact the public health, safety, and general welfare of all Californians. 
Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), the nation's premier legal advocacy group, recently released a memorandum containing in-depth analysis on Prop 1. In summary, ADF believes that Prop 1 allows abortions at any stage of pregnancy, including the gruesome partial birth abortion procedure. Prop 1 will endanger both mothers and their children by prohibiting common sense limits on abortion. Additionally, it will undermine the state's ability to protect other fundamental rights such as the conscience rights of doctors and nurses, the right to free speech to advocate for life-affirming care, and perhaps most importantly, the fundamental right of parents to raise and educate their children according to their deeply held beliefs.
Echoing ADF's grave concerns about Prop 1, Karen England, Co-Chair of the Stop Prop 1 campaign, stated "Every voter must be aware that Prop 1 signals a vast shift in current law, even beyond the issue of late-term abortion. The creation of a new right to reproductive freedom for every "individual" includes not only adult women, but also minor boys and girls, and adult men."
Proponents of Prop 1 claim that the amendment simply codifies existing abortion laws, but legal experts have stated that it does, in fact, change and expand the law. Moreover, as this amendment is litigated in the future, courts will be obligated to use the most expansive interpretation possible, meaning that the state will have no ability to implement regulations or limits to protect minors. The constitution will reign supreme, and judges and legislators will not have the power to intervene.
Prop 1 creates an unprecedented right for minors to undergo medically unnecessary gender transition surgeries. ADF concluded that Prop 1 will interfere with the right of parents to "raise and educate their children by cutting parents out of any of their children's medical decisions that fall under "reproductive freedom."
While Prop 1 would bring untold harm to millions, England's concern is centered on protecting children. She added, "The authors of this amendment purposely failed to define "reproductive freedom," and they want to create an unprecedented right for minors to undergo medically unnecessary gender transition surgeries such as sterilizing hysterectomies and orchidectomies, procure abortions, and access puberty blockers and hormones that affect their sexual and physical development. If Prop 1 passes, all this chaos will be legal, and it will be allowed without the knowledge or consent of parents." 
As the election draws near, Karen England is sending out a clarion call across the country. She warned, "Everyone in the nation should have their eyes on California. As we have learned, what happens in California doesn't stay in California. We are witnessing the progressive blueprint for the rest of the nation."

Stop Prop 1 -- A committee in opposition to proposition 1. Committee major funding from East Valley Republican Women and Patriot Store

SOURCE Stop Prop 1

CONTACT: Karen England, 916-212-5607, Karen@StopProp1.com