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Arizona Sends Out-of-Touch DC A Message: 'Defend Our Borders or Lose Elections'

Contact: Rick Shaftan, Minuteman Civil Defense Corps PAC, 973-726-8114, mountaintopmedia@earthlink.net


MEDIA ADVISORY, Sept. 13 /Christian Newswire/ -- Minuteman Civil Defense Corps founder Chris Simcox tonight hailed Randy Graf’s Republican Primary victory as a “message to our out-of-touch politicians in Washington DC – defend our borders or be defeated at the polls. It’s that simple.”


Simcox’s comments came on the heels of what appears to be a 43-37 Graf win over a liberal candidate endorsed and heavily funded by the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) and pro-illegal alien amnesty groups like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.


Minuteman Civil Defense Corps PAC spent slightly over $40,000 for Independent Expenditures in support of Graf. MCDC PAC was the only entity that conducted Independent Expenditures in this contest. The PAC aired a heavy schedule on cable as well as 11 top Tucson and 5 top Cochise County radio stations.


Simcox exulted over the small PAC’s defeat of the “powerful” NRCC, which backed Graf’s liberal opponent with a record of supporting open borders and illegal immigration.


“Out of touch so-called ‘professionals’ in Washington DC actually think that people like Randy Graf who are committed to putting our national security ahead of special interest campaign dollars and corporate money are ‘weak’ candidates,” Simcox said. “I disagree and so did the hundreds of Minutemen who rallied to our effort to fund this Independent Expenditure that helped put Randy over the top.”


“Now it’s time for Republicans to unite to ensure that Randy Graf beats the ultra-liberal pro-amnesty Democratic candidate in November.”




Simcox said he has heard that Graf will be denied support by the national Republican Party establishment and Republican business groups because of Graf’s strong stand against illegal immigration. He says he is committed towards making up the difference.


“I will be calling on my fellow Minutemen from around the country to step up to the plate and make up every dime lost because Randy Graf won’t sell out our national security to the pro-amnesty lobby,” Simcox added. “His victory this November is our top priority and we will raise whatever it takes to win.”


“Minutemen from Houlton, Maine to San Diego, California and everywhere in between will make up every dime Randy doesn’t get from politicians and pro-amnesty special interests in Washington. By tomorrow afternoon, every Minuteman and supporter in America will hear from me about how they can help Randy win this election and I expect we will raise record amounts to help elect Randy Graf this November,” Simcox added.




“Tonight, Arizona voters sent Washington a message: defend our borders or pay at the polls,” Simcox said. “The question for Republicans is whether they will lose elections by taking an appeasement position on the illegal alien question or win by standing tall on defending our borders and our national security. The NRCC look like fools tonight for backing a loser. They can make things right by embracing those who want to secure our borders now, and they can start with a big fat contribution to Randy Graf’s campaign.”


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