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From Civil War - to Indian Wars - to PTSD and the War Within: Novelist Available to Speak
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Sept. 13, 2022

NORWOOD, Colo., Sept. 13, 2022 /Christian Newswire/ -- PTSD during the Civil War? In her action and adventure novel, IN WRATH REMEMBER MERCY: THE REDEMPTION OF TORQUIL DHU, first-time author and Coloradan Dhu tackles this subject as action combines with internal struggles for a young Confederate soldier in a dual crisis of faith and struggle to overcome the effects of war.

While today the familiar term PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) includes all trauma, research shows that even in Civil War times the concept was recognized, as warriors have always paid a toll in spirit and body.

What was then called a "wounded spirit" or being "overwhelmed by catastrophe," became known as shell shock and battle fatigue in subsequent conflicts.

In the book, Dhu introduces us to Torquil Dhu Drummond. While the family opposes slavery, they are committed to their home and to their home state of Virginia, so he and his father and brother ride out to fight for the Confederacy.

Thus begins a journey that will test and nearly destroy him.

Woven with historical accuracy through the author's years of study, the fictional account takes Torquil from Virginia, to military service in the Civil War, then to the west with Army fighting the Indian Wars, returning to study at the Virginia Military Institute, and home.

She intertwined her varied life experiences and knowledge of the wilderness and farming, along with her love for and extensive research into history into the details of the story.

Dhu, who just returned from a book signing and speaking tour in Colorado and Wyoming, is still available for speaking engagements. Her topics include PTSD, 19th century medical practice, 19th century military education and tactics, 19th century transportation and routes, and Victorian culture in the Civil War era.

Yet moments of flashback in the story suggest a personal knowledge of PTSD the author admits she has also experienced.

"There is healing, and you learn to live with the memories, but I don't know if I'll ever completely get past it," author Aquila Dhu admits. "We must forgive the persons who hurt us, then forgive God for allowing it to happen, then reaffirm that forgiveness over and over again as necessary, until faith and trust in God's perfect plan become part of ourselves."

IN WRATH REMEMBER MERCY: THE REDEMPTION OF TORQUIL DHU (ISBN-10 : 978-1-950892-79-2, $14.99) was published by Carpenter's Son Publishing. To schedule speaking engagements, visit http://inwrathremembermercy.com
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