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When Cartoons and Comedy Attack Christmas: He'll Kill Us All

Contact: Rick Dack, 763-913-0351

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., Dec. 9, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ -- Lenny from FOX's animated series "The Simpson's" is dressed as a shepherd. He plays "I got your nose" with Bart (Jesus in a manger). Lenny says, "I've got the Messiah's nose…" Carl, also part of the Nativity scene yells, "Give it back! Give it back! He'll kill us all!" For years, animation had an air of innocence thanks to classic Disney, Warner Brothers and Hanna-Barbera productions but since the late 1980's The Simpson's, South Park, Family Guy, Futurama and other series' have broadcast anti-faith propaganda influencing faith seekers, young Christians, and even children, stated Rick Dack of Defending the Bible International (www.defendingthebible.com). Chris Turner, the author of "Planet Simpson," recalled his young nephew saying God is fake because Homer Simpson said so. The late Simpson's co-creator Sam Simon donated millions to American Atheists, his series partner Max Groening believes, "If there is a God, all evidence shows that He hates me." Family Guy/American Dad creator Seth MacFarlane openly admits his bitterness towards the Bible evidenced by his multiple interviews and projects (Inside the Actors Studio, films etc). Other examples of anti-Christmas propaganda include...

  • Matthew "inventing" the virgin birth of Jesus (FOX's The Simpson's).
  • God is a promiscuous, deadbeat Dad to Jesus (FOX's Family Guy).
  • "Booze Saves" not "Jesus Saves" (Futurama Christmas episode, Comedy Central).
  • Bribing a child back to Christianity using Christmas presents (FOX's The Simpson's).
  • Animals pass gas into Mary's face in the stable (Robot Chicken, Adult Swim).
  • A Nativity scene on city property is evil (FOX's The Simpson's). 
  • This Week In God: Christmas Christacular – A drunken God is flattered his name is used as excuses for war (The Daily Show, Comedy Central).
  • Bart prays to Santa/Christmas commemorates the birth of Santa (FOX's The Simpson's).
  • "Oh Pruny Night" instead of "Oh Holy Night" (a parody of the California Raisins, FOX'S "The Simpson's").
  • As Joseph waits, God is having sex with Mary in the next room (FOX's Family Guy).

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