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Transforming Communities

Jan. 13, 2021

HAMPTON, Va., Jan. 13, 2021 /Christian Newswire/ -- For more than three decades, ICM has partnered with indigenous ministries in developing countries to make disciples and build churches, orphanages, and Hope Centers. They empower local churches to be the catalyst for community transformation by providing bible study materials that equip pastors and help new believers grow in their faith.

CEO Janice Rosser Allen states, "Our mission is to nurture believers and assist church growth worldwide. Our partnerships equip local churches with two vital resources: a permanent church building and practical discipleship tools for oral learners."

ICM has planted over 35,000 churches in 100 nations. The bible teaching is available in various delivery formats and equips local pastors to share God's word. Almost 2 million believers have been trained using this bible teaching.

3 Billion people live in a community without a church. Some may have heard the Gospel and given their lives to Christ, but they have no place to worship and no way to understand the Bible. Without tools to grow their faith, new Christians become discouraged and may fall away—never reaching their community with the Gospel. ICM is committed to solving this problem by equipping believers around the world. More than providing buildings, ICM developed an oral learning curriculum for the Bible and discipleship.

Allen, daughter of founder Dois Rosser Jr., worked alongside her father in the ministry for years. In 2006, she became CEO. Under Allen's leadership, ICM made a significant shift to put content in the user's physical hands. Created in multiple digital learning platforms enables study in 59 languages. Partnering with other ministries, they also deliver additional content, such as The Jesus film.

"The church is God's distribution system; at ICM, we help develop healthy churches. That is our vision. The annual goal for 2020 was to build 1,000 new churches. Despite the pandemic, we met our goal, and I am happy to say we have built 10,000 churches since ICM began." states Allen.

ICM's strategy is to reach the world for Christ. When local churches invest their effort and resources into each project, the result is a sense of ownership, long-term sustainability, and a more significant impact.

"You can't imagine the joy, the gladness that comes with building churches in communities that will never be able to do it. Every church building is a miracle to the people."
Rev. Pastor Kenneth Wafula, Uganda

For more information visit www.ICM.org


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