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Waters for US Senate Turns in Over 14,000 Signatures
Campaign Seeks to Enact Massive Spending Cuts, Bring U.S. Troops Home

Contact: John Russell, 757-254-4813, JRussell@mattwaters.com

RICHMOND, Va., June 12, 2018 /Christian Newswire/ -- Libertarian candidate Matt Waters announced today that his campaign was preparing to turn 6,000 additional signatures from registered Virginia voters, bringing the total number of submitted signatures submitted to over 14,000.

The Virginia Board of Elections requires candidates running statewide to turn in 10,000 signatures, 400 from each of Virginia's eleven congressional districts.

"We're elated at the activism in the grassroots, and the commitment made by so many to place this campaign on the ballot, to take part in the debate that will shape the future of this country," Waters said.

"This is a major early accomplishment for the campaign, it is a show of strength, and telling that so many Virginians are fed-up with the two party system," Waters said.

Chief among the concerns Waters cites is the staggering $21 trillion in debt the federal government has accrued.

As senator, Matt would seek to restore liberty to the American people by limiting the size and scope of the federal government. As bloated as the U.S. Government is, he knows it will require tough decision-making in order to undo the irresponsible fiscal decisions of the past.

"Which is more important, being forced to pay for the failed War on Poverty, the failed War on Drugs, the failed War on Terror, and unconstitutional and ineffective federal departments, or keeping more of our hard-earned money?"

"Virginia's motto, 'Sic Semper Tyrannis' is emblazoned upon our state flag. And my campaign for U.S. Senate will fly under the banner of Virginia, 'Thus Always to Tyrants.' The tyrant today is no king, it is a massive welfare-warfare state funded by taxpayers. I am calling on Virginians to help me abolish the income tax, cut and privatize current federal programs, including bringing U.S. troops home from South Korea, Japan, and dozens of other countries, as well as closing multiple federal departments."
For more information visit MattWaters.com or email John Russell JRussell@mattwaters.com.