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Hundreds of Concerned Parents to Call for Southern California School Board Members to Vote for 'Sanctuary Schools for Parental Rights' at November 14 Meeting
Our Watch with Tim Thompson
Nov. 14, 2019

MURRIETA, Calif., Nov. 14, 2019 /Christian Newswire/ -- Our Watch with Tim Thompson submitted the request and the Murrieta Valley Unified School District has agreed to include 'Sanctuary Schools for Parental Rights' on their November 14, 2019 agenda for discussion.

Thursday's board meeting is poised to draw hundreds of concerned parents from the City of Murrieta, as well as the surrounding region. Several parents will use public comment time to urge the board to move to a vote.

The regularly scheduled School Board meeting will take place on Thursday, November 14, 2019 at 41870 McAlby Court, Murrieta, CA 92562. A large number of parents and concerned residents are expected to overflow the room's capacity.

Leaders of Sanctuary School Districts say they want to reduce governmental control over families and empower parents and legal guardians to exercise their fundamental rights to determine who gets to speak into their children's lives and what that content will be.

Enacting district-wide policies guarantees parental rights, including notification to the parent/guardian of children leaving school campus for any medical reason, including seeking an abortion, trans-therapy, or any other "medical" service. They also reject the enforcement of AB329, SB48, or any other law requiring the teaching, approval, or encouragement of any type of sexual behavior.

For a full definition of 'Sanctuary Schools' visit: https://www.ourwatchnow.com/what-are-they.

California's consistent implementation of laws that usurp the authority of parents in their children's lives have gotten to the point that they have drastically overstepped their bounds. With tax dollars, they are using public schools to undermine centuries-old traditional family values, parental authority and the very principles upon which this nation was founded.

It is now legal for children to leave campus for an abortion, trans-therapy, or any other medical service without the parent's knowledge or consent. The illogical and unscientific ideology that there is a spectrum of genders is now being taught to children as young as five years old as though it were fact.

Our Watch with Tim Thompson Founder Pastor Tim Thompson says, "We simply cannot allow this in our schools or our community! It's about local control. We elected a school board to represent our values; not the agenda of Sacramento liberals."

'Sanctuary Schools for Parental Rights' is the community's step towards taking back their rightful place as parents and guardians.

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SOURCE Our Watch with Tim Thompson

CONTACT: John Andrews, 951-444-0411, john@ourwatchnow.com