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'Noah -- Another Storm Is Coming' Counteracts Hollywood Hype
Noah's Story Is Real and Relevant, New Book's Publisher Asserts

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COLDWATER, Mich., April 1, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- As controversy swirls around the upcoming Noah movie starring Russell Crowe, a newly released book offers a Bible-based account of the famous ark builder -- and addresses questions about God raised by the story of a devastating worldwide flood.

"Many people wonder how a God of love could punish the world like that," said Dwight Hall, CEO of Remnant Publications, which released "Noah -- Another Storm Is Coming" to coincide with the upcoming film. "This book answers questions about evil, suffering and punishment that have troubled believers and skeptics for centuries. It unveils God's plan in the entire history of our world -- why He permitted sin in the first place and how He will get rid of it permanently."

As the title suggests, the book also explores the deeper implications of Noah's experience for today's world and the future.

"Jesus warned that the history of Noah's time would repeat itself just before His return," Hall said. "To survive the coming storm, we need to have the faith of Noah. This book shows us how we can have that extraordinary trust in God."

With Darren Aronofsky's vision of Noah set to hit theaters March 28, some Christians are expressing dismay at the movie's deviations from the biblical story. Author and speaker Brian Godawa called Aronofsky's Noah an "environmentalist wacko," while Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis described a rough cut of the movie as "unbiblical in some bizarre and shocking ways."
"With this book we want to show people what the Bible really says about Noah, but we also to show them that the story is relevant to their lives," Hall said.

"Noah -- Another Storm Is Coming" is excerpted from classic works by Ellen G. White, whom Hall describes as "one of the greatest Bible commentators of all time."

"I am always amazed at the powerful insights she offers," he said. "If you think Noah and the Flood is just a cute children's story, a laughable myth or a disturbing tale of divine cruelty, I encourage you to read this book. You'll never see Noah -- or God -- the same way again."

To purchase single or multiple copies of "Noah -- Another Storm Is Coming," visit www.remnantpublications.com/noahbook.

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