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Dear Mr. President: Dare to Call it Treason
"TREASON doth never prosper: what's the reason? Why if it proper, none dare call it TREASON!" - John Harington (4 Aug. 1561 – 20 Nov. 1612)

April 5, 2019

ATHENS, Tenn., April 5, 2019 /Christian Newswire/ -- The following is submitted by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, Commander, United States Navy, Retired:

    I come in prayer to you seeking an audience before any federal grand jury in the land.

    I come to you as the constitutionally empowered senior law enforcement officer in the United States; law officer of last resort. America's TOP COP!

    Nine years ago on this date I was arrested attempting to remove a person blockading my petition to grand jury for redress of grievances, to report public corruption, and to report the treasonous administration of government.

    I've been arrested and arrested over and over attempting an audience with state and federal grand juries.

    I am able to prove to future generations on how phony and fraudulent investigations begin. Robert Mueller's manufactured terrorism, THE MADISONVILLE HOAX, must never be allowed to happen to United States citizens again. 

    Mueller's "MONUMENTAL" case precedent must be erased, destroyed and eradicated as a weapon, never again inflicted upon any U.S. citizen. Mueller and Mueller's criminal confederates must be exposed for their treasonous administration of government.

    I reported these matters to U.S. Attorney General William Barr ten days ago. There has been no response.

    Mr. President, I pray you become the forcing function behind the assignment of decent, honest, trustworthy and courageous federal law enforcement officers and federal prosecutors who will arrange my audience before a federal grand jury; any federal grand jury in this great nation.

    Awareness of Mueller's manufactured terrorism is growing despite press and Internet censorship. Patient men are watching. This isn't going away. Mueller's "MONUMENTAL" case precedent must be struck down. You cannot let this stand! TREASON must be severely punished.

    Then there's this: My right to vote must be restored so I can cast a vote on Tuesday, 3 November 2020.


CONTACT: Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, jaghunter1@gmail.com 

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