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The Singer: A Unique Family Fiction Novel with a 12 Song Music Soundtrack that Follows the Book's Story Line

Lamplighter Books of Colorado
June 2, 2020

CASTLE PINES, Colo., June 2, 2020 /Christian Newswire/ -- Not many fiction novels come with a 12-song music soundtrack composed and sung by the book's author.

Roger Himes, a Colorado lawyer, is the book's author and the composer and singer. The songs genre are easy-listening, country, acoustic.

The music adds depth, insight and emotional impact to the story. The lyrics are in the book, and can also be listened to by the reader. The book is an E-book on-line flip-page book.

A song by Peter Paul & Mary speaks to this:

    'Music speaks louder than words.
    It's the only thing the whole world listens to.
    When you sing, people understand.'

Scott is 'A Lawyer by Profession, but The Singer by Preference.' Dateline: 2020. Scott is burned out being a big city Denver, Colorado litigation lawyer, so he moves his family to Wildwood, to pursue his long time love of composing and singing. Though reluctant, and also being secure, his wife Sharon agrees to the move, and they relocate with their three children, Megan, Julie and Garvin.

Things go well for months, and Sharon is pleased with the positive change she sees in her family, despite their lower standard of living. But then Scott meets Christy, a single woman, while he is singing in a nightclub. He is attracted to her and betrays his family by having an affair with her. But the story is upbeat, ending with a renewal marriage ceremony for Scott and Sharon. Sharon and Christy even meet and resolve their anger, hurt, adversity and regret.

The story provides hope through various relationships in the book, and through the music. Forgiveness and healing is a good moral model.

Scott's teenage daughter Megan is very important in the story. She is outspoken with her dad, who has hurt her and betrayed their family. She speaks to his hypocrisy: urging her to remain chaste and virgin, while having an affair with Christy. The story provides hope: it speaks to positive connection even between people of different generations.

THE BOOK AND MUSIC ARE FREE! - for 30 days from June 1, 2020. The author requests that reviews be sent to an email provided in the book. Here is the free link to the book and the music:


SOURCE Lamplighter Books of Colorado
CONTACT: Roger Himes, Author and Composer, 303-547-0382, RogerHimesTheSinger@gmail.com

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