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Parenthood Perfected

Contact: Adam Cothes, The Wine Press Group, 360-802-9758, adam@winepressgroup.com

ENUMCLAW, Wash., Feb. 12 /Christian Newswire/ -- Where does the wise mom or dad turn for guidance in rearing a happy and confident child? Where does that same parent turn to find direction for his or her own life? The answers to both of these questions are identical – the Word of God. “Lessons for Parents from a Perfect Parent” by Jim Barclay illustrates that the examples of God as Father in Scripture are clear guidelines for training godly children, as well as a picture of the personal Father/child relationship each of us can have with Him.

Using God’s relationship with the Israelites as a model, Barclay advises parents to, “Treat your children as though they were adopted.” Deuteronomy 7 explains that God chose to rescue the Israelites from Egyptian slavery not because of their worthiness, but because of His great love. The Israelites became His children – He adopted them. This divine example of choosing and loving perfectly illustrates the relationship between a parent and child, and between the heavenly Father and the Believer.

In the same manner, Barclay includes guidelines from the Word of God regarding encouragement, security, discipline, comfort, and prayer. Every Believer will come to a deeper understanding of their personal relationship with God and be able to apply the same insight to parenting their children.

Steve Brown of Key Life Network writes, “Jim Barclay has given us a wonderful book! How could he not? It’s from a perfect father. No, not Jim…Jim’s father…his heavenly Father. If you’re tired of the guesses of the experts and are weary with all the conflicting advice from those who don’t know any more than you do, this is your book. With wisdom, humor, and insight, it is a message to you from one who is truly an expert. You’ll rejoice in being His child.”

Jim has a Bachelor of Science Degree from West Point and a Master of Religious Education Degree from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. With nearly twenty years pastoral experience, Jim currently works as Family Service Counselor for the Chattanooga Funeral Home. Jim has twin sons.

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