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Terrorist-Shooter Available for Interviews

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MEDIA ADVISORY, May 17 /Christian Newswire/ -- South African Charl Van Wyk, author of "Shooting Back," published by WND Books, will speak at several locations in New York and Washington May 13 - 20 and IS AVAILABLE FOR MEDIA INTERVIEWS May 23 - 28.

Van Wyk's book talks about the choice to defend oneself and others against the unprovoked attacks in today's world. He used a handgun to defend churchgoers in South Africa against an attack by terrorists with automatic weapons, and is credited with saving many lives that day.

"Worldwide, office buildings, hospitals, convenience stores, TV studios, chain restaurants and day-care centers have all been targets of homicidal maniacs. Mass murders have taken place in such places after they have been declared gun-free zones," Van Wyk says.

Eliminating "Gun-Free Zones"

  • The string of horrendous mass murders in "gun-free zones" – most recently at Virginia Tech, and before that October's slaughter of Amish schoolgirls in rural Pennsylvania as well as similar massacres at other schools around the nation – has fueled a furious debate over gun control, "gun-free zones" and "lax gun laws."

  • Just like the Virginia Tech massacre, most violent crimes cannot be stopped by police, but by citizens present during the commission of the crime. research now shows that armed, law-abiding citizens have a huge impact on deterring and stopping violent criminal acts.


"For Christians, this is the most important book about guns and self-defense ever written. This takes the issue way beyond theory. Written by a man who lived through a terrorist attack largely because he shot back, the book is the most comprehensive scriptural exploration of the topic ever done." - Joseph Farah, Founder of WorldNetDaily.com

"The notion that declaring an area to be gun-free, will keep criminals from maliciously using guns is ludicrous. Any law that makes self-defense illegal or impractical is an illegitimate law, because such a law ultimately subjects people to the criminal element." - Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America

"Shooting Back" is a thorough examination of the whole issue of armed self-defense from a Christian perspective. It deals with burning questions that plague all conscience-driven people:

1. Should people, especially Christians, carry arms?

2. When is it appropriate to defend ourselves and our families?

3. What can Americans do when our freedom to carry arms is legislated away from us?