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Christian Defense Coalition Challenges Republican Senate Leaders, You Cannot be Pro-Life and Support Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Contact: Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, Christian Defense Coalition, 540- 538-4741, cell, 202-547-1735

WASHINGTON, July 17 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Christian Defense Coalition challenges Republican Senate leaders they can no longer call themselves pro-life and support the federal funding of embryonic stem cell research.

The position of Senator Frist and others, that life begins and conception, but embryos may be destroyed for “scientific” research is a violation of the sanctity of life and justice as well as a betrayal of the core principles of the pro-life movement.

Mr. Frist, along with others, cannot have it both ways.  He cannot portray himself as pro-life, and seek our support, and then turn around and vote for federal votes to be released that would be used to destroy innocent human life.
The pro-life community will also be closely watching other Presidential candidates, like Senator George Allen, to see how they vote on these key embryonic stem cell bills.
Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, Director of the Christian Defense Coalition, comments, “One of the principlal roles of government is to protect innocent life and safeguard human rights.  If the Senate votes to fund embryonic stem cell research, they are trampling on those principles.
It is extremely troubling for Senator Frist,  to say he is “pro-life” and that he believes life begins at conception, and then turn around and support the destruction of  innocent life through federal funding.  You cannot have it both ways.  By supporting the federal funding of embryonic stem cell research, Senator Frist has forfeited  the right to call himself  a member of the pro-life community.  As a doctor, Senator Frist needs to be reminded that the first and foremost responsibility of a physician is to “do no harm” to a patient.

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Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney Cell: 540-538-4741,   202-547-1735