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New Children's Book Release from Redemption Press Seeks to Teach Powerful Lessons on Valuing Others
Redemption Press
Dec. 10, 2019
ENUMCLAW, Wash., Dec. 10, 2019 /Christian Newswire/ -- Some book ideas come from dreams, and others come from real-life events. For author Carol Lester, it was from the story of an iguana.

Bartholomew, Squire of the Subway was inspired when D. J. Vila, director of the Oak Hills Church Singers, mentioned that she and her husband rode the New York City subway to work every day and were surprised to see a "huge iguana" riding the subway too. From that snippet of real life comes the story of Bartholomew.

This intelligent iguana with brown-and-green mottled, scaly skin loves riding the subway. The subway, which clatters and whooshes before taking off on its daily city route, teems with lots of people, but Bartholomew doesn't mind. He enjoys escaping from his life in an exhibit at the Museum of Natural History and riding the entire subway line and observing the other passengers.

Bartholomew learns a lot about their lifestyles, similarities and differences, and how passengers interact or don't interact with each other. Bubbly Becky radiates joy, and she even sits next to Bartholomew. Fred always wears a bright scarf and sometimes hums, but he keeps to himself. Mrs. Hatmer keeps her four children organized, but some passengers are annoyed by the kids.

By the end of his ride, Bartholomew learns powerful lessons about people, and readers will too. Bartholomew, Squire of the Subway includes discussion questions to encourage young readers to explore the lessons Bartholomew learns. Carol says, "My middle and high school-aged students have written thoughtful and heartfelt journal responses from simple picture books."

Carol Lester's children's books spark insightful discussions with adult and school-aged readers alike. With each book, Lester explores concepts that seek to influence and shape lives, young and old, for the good of society.

Carol L. Lester is a published author and has taught secondary English / language arts for over thirty years. She holds teaching certificates in three states with degrees in education and sport psychology. Carol lives in San Antonio, Texas, and enjoys her role writing children's stories that educate and delight. She previously published Roo, the Kangaroo Cat.


For review copies and media interviews, contact: Carol Lester cllbooks21c@gmail.com

SOURCE Redemption Press

CONTACT: Carol Lester, cllbooks21c@gmail.com

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