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Love is a Dangerous Thing: Expert Shares Wisdom on Arousing Romance

Contact: Grant Van Leuven, Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary, 866-778-7338, 412-716-9051 cell, gvanleuven@rpts.edu; Rev. Selvaggio is available for interview.


PITTSBURGH, Feb. 6 /Christian Newswire/ -- "Romance is a sleeping giant not to be aroused before we are mature enough to handle its joys and responsibilities," says professor and pastor, Anthony Selvaggio. "Hollywood and biblical examples show that matters of the heart are extremely dangerous."


Photo: Anthony Selvaggio


Selvaggio provides guidance on love and matrimony in his new book, What the Bible Teaches About Marriage, ($14.99, Evangelical Press), available at www.evangelicalpress.org and www.Amazon.com. The book shares wisdom from his pastoral counseling experience and study of the Bible's "love poetry" in the Song of Songs.


"God has spoken to us about love, romance, marriage, and sexuality in the Song of Songs," says Selvaggio. "Ultimately, it points us to the greatest consummation and greatest love of all in Jesus Christ."


Selvaggio, an adjunct professor at the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Pittsburgh, has this advice:


Wisdom for Singles:


Know what to look for. Avoid a fool, who argues and lacks self-control.


Know what to look like. Preserve your physical and emotional purity beginning with your thought life to be ready to give yourself to the right person. Sexual desire is a genie which, once released, cannot easily be put back into the bottle.


Know how to look. A spouse will not just fall into your lap; you must actively search.


Know to seek advice from those who know you well.


Wisdom for Married Couples:


Fan True Love's Flame:

  • Continue to court. Woo your spouse, making time for romantic encounters.

  • Remember the power of a romantic, purposeful, gentle touch. Hold your lover's hand, caress your lover's cheek, firmly embrace.

  • Gaze longingly into your lover's eyes. Much is communicated through simple, adoring glances.

  • Give your lover special tokens of your affection.

  • Remember the power of poetry. Write love letters.


Foster Friendship:

  • Expand your definition of 'making love'. Value opportunities to partner in friendship as "making love."


  • Play together. One of the pillars of an enduring friendship is sharing common interests.

  • Make your work a labor of love. Use tasks and hobbies as an opportunity for talking, mutual exploration, and discovery.


More wisdom excerpts from this book are highlighted at www.rpts.edu.