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Chrisagis Brothers Taking Jesus Beyond Church Walls

The Chrisagis Brothers with Max Winfrey, Jennifer O'Neill and Erik Estrada

Chrisagis Brothers
Jan. 4, 2022

YORKVILLE, Ohio, Jan. 4, 2022 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Chrisagis Brothers have won many awards and have won thousands of souls to the Lord at their popular concerts and events world-wide. This past year of 2021 looked like ministries in general were dead and no longer effective but that media interpretation is very wrong especially when it comes to God and these two creative twin brothers. The Brothers seek the Lord before they do anything and when God says, "Go for it!" They do just that.

God gave them a unique way of bringing the world and church together. It involves lots of music, lots of fun, lots of entertainment, lots of great inspiration from the Word of God, and big name stars. It's a total variety show unlike anything you've ever seen from top music vocalists, Hollywood stars, critically acclaimed comics and two brothers who are solid in Gods Word to be able to pull it together and successfully witness to those souls that are un-churched in a loving manner so that they actually fall in love with the Brothers and their message of love, hope and Jesus. It is done so well that most forget it is a ministry event and actually come because they want to be around the loving atmosphere, the loving personalities of the Brothers who draw them in and the legendary stars who also testify of Christ and hope through a better way of life. Most walk away saying its a miraculous way of presenting Jesus to the world. It maybe just that but the Brothers are known for miracles.

They both are survivors of many great miracles from their tragic early years of disease and near deaths to loosing everything by being stalked by a coven of witches who were assigned to kill the power duo. Through it all the Chrisagis Brothers are God's mighty men of valor who can bring audiences from all over the world together while taking them on a roller coaster of emotions to finally giving themselves over to Christ in the end of each inspiring fun filled concert. The concerts are evident that Christ moves through love and those who are His children will walk in that love.

The Brothers had great favor with big Hollywood stars in 2021, the list of stars who were on stage with them were Loni Anderson, Lindsay Wagner, Jennifer O'Neill, Max Wimfrey from America's Got Talent, and their long time buddy Erik Estrada who actually was at three big events with them last year. These events drew in every TV Network from HBO, TV Land, Retro TV, Comedy Central, and Netflix. The Christmas concert was the most amazing fun filled event that showcased the Brothers and their singers doing Christmas music that warmed and touched the audience with love and tears, they also featured Max Winfrey who did comedy, stunts, illusions and was the most entertaining multi-talent you will find, then Erik Estrada and Jennifer O'Neill both take the stage at different times. Erik brings laughter and inspiration, while Jennifer brings the most life-changing message that brings the entire room to tears and offers healing.

Call it the new wave of God's Spirit and the Chrisagis Brothers are surfing this wave until Jesus returns as they follow His lead. They both say they have never been those who love to be a one man show. They have always seen God's big picture of ministry that uses all His people and brings out the best in each so they can minister together as one body. And that is what the Brothers are doing. They are raising the bar high with God's most amazing vessels in one wonderful concert event. This year the Brothers say they hope to be working again with their Hollywood friends and bring new stars in.

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