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The Remix is Bringing Entertainment to the Christian Television Networks

Contact: Azariah Southworth, 615-474-5288

NASHVILLE, July 9 /Christian Newswire/ -- Debuting in October 2006 on the NRB Network in over 15 million homes on DIRECTV, The Remix has begun to bring good quality entertainment to Christian TV.

"We're hearing from people all around the nation and the world," says Azariah Southworth, producer and host for The Remix. "We are doing this show on a budget smaller then a shoe string and we're doing it with no advertisement! Yet we are receiving over 200,000 viewers weekly on the NRB Network alone. We're doing something different, fresh, entertaining, and with good quality. That's a change for most Christian youth programming. We are happy with the impact this show is making in the Christian industry and market but we know we can go further, and we will."

The Remix is a weekly, 30-minute TV show that takes the viewer into a day in the life of your favorite Christian band or solo artist. Host Azariah Southworth goes into the artist home and helps them cook their favorite dish. You'll then go shopping at the featured guest favorite local boutique store. In the shopping segment the guest will shop and try on some outfits. Then you will go to their favorite hangout spot in town and hear the latest scoop on their latest projects and upcoming tours. Not enough? You also get a countdown of the week's top three music videos.

If you still can't get enough of The Remix then you can check out the "After Show." Azariah explains, "We recently partnered with hearitfirst.com which airs our 'After Show.' When you go to www.hearitfirst.com/remixtv you get to watch exclusive footage from each episode that didn't air on the show. There's some pretty funny stuff! We're really excited about this online extension to the show!" Hearitfirst.com receives over 300,000 visitors a month.

The Remix is also proud to announce the JCTV Network (youth affiliate of TBN) as the second network on which the show is available. "With the show now airing on the NRB and JCTV networks we're reaching over 22 million U.S. homes and millions more internationally!" says Azariah.

Now on a seasonal break, The Remix crew are preparing for their next season, which is scheduled to launch this Fall. In preparation to pitch the show to more networks the crew is ready to bring an "even more upbeat, fresh, and entertaining show with substance," says Azariah.

For more information on availability and air times visit www.myspace.com/theremixtv