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Students Uncover Intellectual Bias and Discrimination at Boise State University

Contact: Brandi Swindell, 208-867-1307
BOISE, Mar. 1 /Christian Newswire/ -- Boise State University has spent $300,000 on left-leaning speakers, over the past five years, while spending 0 dollars on right-leaning speakers during the same time frame.
This in spite of the fact that 50% of  Boise State students self-identify themselves as moderate or conservative.
Members of the Conservative Student Coalition exposed this bias and launched a campaign earlier this month urging fellow students to take action against university discrimination in the selection and financing of guest speakers.
They contacted Idaho state legislators to bring attention to the lack of intellectual diversity on campus and Boise State University President, Bob Kustra, had to answer questions on this issue.
At the hearing, President Kustra admitted the school's invited speakers, "tilt to the left."
Working with nationally known activist and student advisor, Brandi Swindell, the students have secured a face to face meeting with President Kustra to discuss their concerns.
The meeting will take place on Thursday, March 1, at 4:00 P.M. (Mountain Time.)
Jonathan Sawmiller, one of the students that will attend the meeting, comments, "Now is the time for action.  We are happy that President Kustra acknowledged the problem and we are anxious to find a solution that satisfies everyone involved.  We have received overwhelming support from students, legislators and concerned citizens throughout Idaho concerning this lack of intellectual diversity."
Brandon Stoker, another student leader who will attend the meeting, adds, "It is time for Bosie State University to embrace a free market of ideas where the salient issues of the day receive open and balanced treatment."
Brandi Swindell, National Director of Generation Life, states, "Universities should be places where intellectual diversity and openness are welcomed and encouraged.  Students should have the opportunity to hear opinions and thoughts from a broad spectrum of ideological viewpoints.  Sadly, Boise State officials have crushed the concept of  intellectual diversity by inviting only left-leaning speakers.  This kind of rigid intellectual discrimination should never be tolerated at any university, especially one that pays for these speakers with public funds.  Imagine the uproar that would be caused if Boise State University only brought in speakers that where white or Christian."
For more information or interviews with the students contact:
Brandi Swindell at 208.867.1307