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Scarborough Speaks Out on Obama's Meeting with Christian Leaders

Contact: Catherine Wyatt, Vision America Action, 936-559-0822, catherine@visionamericaaction.org  

MEDIA ADVISORY, June 23 /Christian Newswire/ -- Commenting on Senator Barack Obama's recent meeting with a group of prominent Christians, Vision America Action President Dr. Rick Scarborough, a Southern Baptist minister, said the Senator did nothing to reconcile his actions and words with his professed Christianity.

"Claiming you're a Christian isn't enough," Scarborough said.

"Here's a man who doesn't deviate one iota from the extreme leftwing of his party, when it comes to values issues," the Vision America Action President charged. "He supports partial-birth abortion. As a member of the Illinois State Senate, he had a 100% perfect rating from Planned Parenthood."

Scarborough added: "When it comes to gay rights, Obama could easily be mistaken for Barney Frank. As a member of the U.S. Senate, he had a 100% favorable rating from the homosexual Human Rights Campaign. He wants to repeal the military's don't-ask/don't-tell policy. He supports hate-crimes legislation, which would punish preachers who speak the word of God about homosexuality. He even supports civil unions. Though he says he opposes gay marriage, he voted against the Marriage Protection Amendment to the U.S. Constitution."

Scarborough noted that in a speech earlier this year, Obama said Jesus would have embraced homosexuals, citing the Sermon on the Mount.

"Jesus would have embraced them as sinners, but rejected their sin," Scarborough explained.

"For me, the most amazing part of this speech was when the Senator referred to the Book of Romans, which condemns homosexuality in no uncertain terms – as do Genesis and Leviticus – as an 'obscure text,'" Scarborough said. "As any committed Christian knows, it is fundamental to Christianity. This 'obscure' book is credited with launching the Reformation. I wonder how Martin Luther and John Calvin would feel about Obama's assertion."

"For Obama, it seems, political correctness on certain social issues, rather that Holy Scripture, is his final authority for faith and practice." Scarborough commented. "When a man publicizes his 'Christianity' far and wide, Christians have every right to check him out. Based on the record, one can only conclude that Barack Obama does not adhere to traditional Christianity."

Vision America Action is a leader of Values Voters. It is presently conducting voter education campaigns in New Hampshire, New Mexico and a number of other states, aimed at educating, mobilizing and activating Christian voters.

For more information on Vision America Action, go to www.visionamericaaction.org. To schedule an interview with Rick Scarborough, contact Catherine Wyatt at 936-559-0822 or catherine@visionamericaaction.org