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West Bank Evangelist Challenges Islam

Contact: Terry McIntosh, 270-534-0792, terry@usajourney.us


MEDIA ADVISORY, Oct. 8 /Christian Newswire/ -- West Bank Christian Evangelist Terry McIntosh is challenging Islam to police themselves after the murder of a prominent Christian in Gaza on Sunday. McIntosh says that Islam must purge themselves of all criminal acts and teach tolerance of other religions to halt the rising threat of harm to Christians worldwide.


"Rami Ayyad's death is the result of a radical belief system that demands adherence to Islam. He was killed because he was demonstrating the love of Christ to Muslims. He was murdered by cowards in the disguise of religion, and it was not a pious act. It was murder. Islam must purge itself of extremists, and civilized people must take a firm stand against its radical teachings. Some moderate Muslims are doing that, but it will take many voices to apply pressure upon the Islamic world to police themselves. I eagerly add my voice to the collective effort and say to radical Islam "Count me as your enemy."


"At the same time, it's important that we do not blame the entire Muslim community for this tragedy. Radical elements within Islam are harming their own people, and innocent people should not be unjustly held accountable. It was a criminal act by criminal extremists."


McIntosh, a Kentucky native, has been involved in Israel and Palestine for 15 years. His evangelistic work includes the founding of a Christian chapel in the West Bank as well as numerous radio and TV appearances on Islamic owned media.