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Current Middle East Events Depicted in Expert's Books

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LOS ANGELES, Aug.15 /Christian Newswire/ -- Phil Little -- internationally recognized counter-terrorism expert and well-renown author -- will take you inside the mind of the terrorist., he also makes points to Christian audiences about the biblical origins of the Middle East events. Phil is Christian and uses biblical references as a source for his information. Look through an expert’s eye at the origins, inner workings and intentions of terror. “There are three important areas that are shaping the current Middle East crisis," says Little,

1. a radical Islamic plan to control the world by 2020;
2. recent orders from the President of Iran to Hezbollah to increase attacks against the U.S. and Israel; and
3. the radical Muslim belief that with increased attacks against Israel and the world, the 12th Iman is destined to appear and will rule the world with an Islamic government.”

A past guest on many national TV shows, Little hosted the “Crime Line” radio talk show and is a sought-after speaker for government and private sector crime and terrorism prevention.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Phil Little entered law enforcement after serving in the U.S. Air Force and developed an interest in criminal justice that would lead him to specialize in intelligence gathering. With over 30 years of experience living behind the lines, before the curve of the terrorism issue -- from Lebanese terror camps in the 1970's to American airports in the months before September 11, 2001, Little has witnessed the terror threat up close. His agency, West Coast Detectives, Int’l, is a leader in the corporate security field and has been instrumental in the development of threat management for high-profile media personalities. www.westcoastdetectives.us

Hostile Intent (1999, Broadman & Holman Publishing) reads like front page news. The book traces the origins of terrorism back to its beginnings, giving readers the knowledge and understanding to follow daily current events without living in fear. In his book, Little predicted the events that are currently happening in the Middle East and cited Iran as being the instigator of the attacks to destroy Israel.

His latest book, Hell In A Briefcase, (2006, Broadman & Holman Publishing) is an intriguing novel which takes you inside a unique Counter-terrorism Agency that has the mandate to help save America from several Nuclear brief case bombs going off in five American cities.