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WingClips Brings Hollywood to Church

WingClips launches a new movie site where pastors download film clips from major Hollywood movies for their sermons.

Contact: Mitch Irion, WingClips.com, 949-489-0083


LOS ANGELES, Mar. 7 /Christian Newswire/ -- WingClips.com capitalizes on the growing trend of multimedia in churches and the need for church services to become more visual and contemporary. What better way is there to convey a biblical message to a modern society than by showing an inspirational clip from a recent film?


Movies have the unique ability to form a lasting impression quickly and effectively. After all, most of us can recount scenes or recite quotes from our favorite films, yet few of us can recall the central theme of last week's sermon. Let's face it, movies are our modern-day parables and pastors don't want to be left behind.


Lately, church leaders have not only accepted this growing trend, but rather embraced it with open arms. According to the Barna Group, a marketing research firm that tracks trends relating to values and beliefs, over 61% of pastors now incorporate videos into their sermons.


Up until now, the many sermon illustration sites accessible to pastors have not provided clips from Major Motion Pictures or Free content. WingClips provides both.


Also the site not only caters to pastors for sermon illustrations, but to Christians to wish to find new inspirational films. Every clip on WingClips is available to preview and is categorized by specific themes, making it simple and easy for church leaders to find a clip that sparks some inspiration for their message.


WingClips offers pastors a Free Subscription, where you can preview and download every clip without entering your credit card. A low cost "Premium Subscription" is also available, which offers higher resolution, multiple formats, and unlimited on-line tech support. There is no additional licensing required with either subscription.


WingClips also provides their subscribers with a wide variety of materials, from Christian documentaries to mainstream Hollywood films, from classic titles to theatrical releases, from comedies like "Nacho Libre" to dramas like "Amazing Grace." Additionally, WingClips adds new material every week, so there is always something new to liven up your teaching.


Mitchell Irion, former pastor and President of WingClips, realizes the cultural influence that WingClips can have by blending Hollywood and the Church. "By allowing pastors to use our clips at their discretion, we give them a voice in Hollywood. Our goal is not only to provide pastors and teachers with great movie illustrations, but also to help promote good, quality films."


Now instead of your pastor urging you to follow through with your dreams, he can play a clip from "The World's Fastest Indian" and Anthony Hopkins can inspire you himself.