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List of Winners Posted - Few People Want the $500,000 Prize

Parody Warning

Public Advocate Awards 150 Winners of $75 Million Hunter Biden Paint Brush Giveaway

Public Advocate
July 22, 2021

WASHINGTON, July 22, 2021 /Christian Newswire/ -- Public Advocate, a conservative non-profit, announced Friday, July 16, they are giving away $75.000,000.00 worth of donated authentic Hunter Biden inventory to 150 recipients in a random selection process and now announces the 150 winners.

Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate states:

    "The $75 Million Hunter Biden Paint Brush Giveaway ended at 3 P.M. EST, Tuesday July 20, 2021 and today, Thursday July 22, we announce the winners.

    "Congratulations to all the Winners in this parody contest, we have posted a complete list today. We had only a few actual applicants to the prize so we selected 148 other lucky recipients since nobody else wanted the Hunter Biden Paint Brushes among our many social media posts reaching a million potential winners who declined.

    "Frankly, if some of the recipients don't want this Hunter Biden Paint Brush we will not be surprised based on the response. And if they return them that's okay. To the recipients, please give them to someone, anyone. We give you permission. To others, please use the hashtag #HunterBidenPaintBrush because like fruitcake you never know when or where this gift will show up and you want to tell (warn) others."


Public Advocate announces today plans to sponsor events in Washington, D.C. to further distribute a billion dollars worth of Hunter Biden Paint Brushes outside the White House and the U.S. Capitol in the coming days.  "Like typical Washington reasoning, nobody wants this $75 million so we are going to give away One Billion Dollars to more worthy people on the streets of our nation's capital soon," said Delgaudio.

$500,000.00 VALUE

    1. Jon Tigges of Loudoun County, Virginia
    2. Kevin P., Eugene, Oregon
    3. Jacob D., Winnipeg, Canada
    4. Jen Psaki
    5. Donald Trump
    6. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez
    7. Maxine Waters
    8. Chuck Schumer
    9. Dr. Rachel Levine
    10. Matt Drudge
    11. Matt Gaetz
    12. Mark Levin
    13. Dan Bongino
    14. Larry O'Connor
    15. Dick Black
    16. Eric Trump
    17. Donald Trump, Jr.
    18. Hillary Clinton
    19. Bill Clinton
    20. Barack Obama
    21. Michele Obama
    22. Candace Owens
    23. Kamala Harris
    24. Joseph Farah
    25. Richard Viguerie
    26. Ted Cruz
    27. Rand Paul
    28. Marco Rubio
    29. Jeb Bush
    30. George Bush
    31. Ron Desantis
    32. Greg Abbott
    33. Gavin Newsom
    34. Larry Hogan
    35. Mike DeWine
    36. Andrew Cuomo
    37. Chris Cuomo
    38. Tim Kaine
    39. Ralph Northam
    40. Mark Clayton
    41. Gretchen Whitmer
    42. Tucker Carlson
    43. Rachel Maddow
    44. Michael Savage
    45. Morton Blackwell
    46. Sean Hannity
    47. Floyd Brown
    48. Glenn Beck
    49. Bill O'Reilly
    50. Steve Crowder
    51. Ben Shapiro
    52. Ann Coulter
    53. Kristi Noem
    54. Peter Baker
    55. Michelle Maulkin
    56. Paul Bedard
    57. Billy Crystal
    58. William Kristol
    59. Jimmy Fallon
    60. Stephen Colbert
    61. Jimmy Kimmel
    62. Greg Gutfeld
    63. Trevor Noah
    64. Alex Jones
    65. Samantha Bee
    66. Cal Thomas
    67. George Will
    68. Byron York
    69. Howie Kurtz
    70. Pat Buchannan
    71. Pat Roberson
    72. Jeff Shapiro
    73. Michael Laris
    74. Rich Lowry
    75. Piers Morgan
    76. Muriel Bowser
    77. Daily Caller
    78. Newsmax
    79. National Review
    80. Washington Post
    81. CNN
    82. New York Times
    83. Washington Examiner
    84. Washington Times
    85. Epoch Times
    86. Christian Post
    87. Western Journal
    88. Human Events
    89. Elmo
    90. Bill Maher
    91. Jeff Bezos
    92. Bill Gates
    93. Elon Musk
    94. Mark Zuckerberg
    95. Michael Bloomberg
    96. Charles Koch
    97. Federalist
    98. Chris Wallace
    99. Brian Steltner
    100. Jim Acosta
    101. Wolf Blitzer
    102. Anderson Cooper
    103. Don Lemon
    104. Tim Young
    105. National Pulse
    106. Mike Lindell
    107. Britney Spears
    108. Mel Gibson
    109. Diamond And Silk
    110. Marsha Blackburn
    111. Mitch McConnell
    112. Dianne Feinstein
    113. Tom Cotton
    114. Chuck Grassley
    115. John Neely Kennedy
    116. Josh Hawley
    117. Cory Booker
    118. Lindsey Graham
    119. Bernie Sanders
    120. Mo Brooks
    121. Paul Gosar
    122. Devin Nunes
    123. Adam Schiff
    124. Lauren Boebert
    125. Marjorie Taylor Greene
    126. Steve Scalise
    127. Ilhan Omar
    128. Jim Jordan
    129. Daniel Crenshaw
    130. Louis B. Gohmert Jr.
    131. Robert J. Wittman
    132. Bob Good
    133. Joe Wilson
    134. Steve Chabot
    135. Virginia Foxx
    136. Elise Stefanik
    137. Chris Smith
    138. Jim Hagedorn
    139. Rashida Tlaib
    140. Steve Scalise
    141. Hal Rogers
    142. Thomas Massie
    143. Russ Fulcher
    144. Darrell Issa
    145. Mark Meadows
    146. Debbie Lesko
    147. Ralph Norman
    148. Vicky Hartzler
    149 Alex Mooney
    150. Jeffrey Duncan

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