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Former ABC, CNN Anchor Launches Hear God Media, Revolutionizing Spiritual Connection with Bite-Sized Sermonettes on YouTube

Hear God Media
Jan. 22, 2024

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Jan. 22, 2024 /Christian Newswire/ -- In the midst of today's hectic pace, Hear God Media is ushering in a groundbreaking solution for those seeking a moment of peace amidst the chaos. Steve Kosch, former ABC, CNN anchor, founded Hear God Media, a YouTube channel offering bite-sized, 1-2 minute video sermonettes from top preachers. These snippets seamlessly fit into busy schedules, providing a quick spiritual lift.

Bite-Sized Faith for Modern Life

Recognizing the challenges of modern life, Steve Kosch emphasizes the convenience of Hear God Media's 1-2 minute video sermonettes. He states, "Our platform offers a convenient way to connect with your faith, providing inspiration and reflection amid the chaos of daily life."

Meeting the Growing Demand for Spiritual Connection

With 75% of American adults seeking religious information online (Pew Research Center 2022), Hear God Media aims to fulfill the increasing desire for spiritual connection. The channel addresses the needs of a new generation of faith seekers, offering a diverse collection of short video sermonettes covering topics such as faith, forgiveness, relationships, resilience, love, happiness, navigating life's challenges, finding inner peace, and discovering purpose.

Top Preachers, Anytime, Anywhere

Hear God Media features esteemed preachers like T.D. Jakes, Rick Warren, Joyce Meyer, Charles Stanley, and more. The platform condenses the essence of their full-length sermons into concise, impactful 1-2 minute segments, perfect for quick inspiration during lunch breaks, commutes, or quiet moments at home.

Ongoing Inspiration and Spiritual Nourishment

New video sermonettes are added weekly, ensuring a fresh and accessible way to connect with faith. Among the numerous testimonials, subscriber L. Spicer expresses, "Hear God Media has become my daily dose of hope and encouragement." M. Younger adds, "I just love the inspiring messages. Pure nuggets in each one."

Invitation to Explore Hear God Media on YouTube

You are cordially invited to explore Hear God Media on YouTube. Watch and comment on numerous videos available and consider subscribing to our growing community.

About Hear God Media: Hear God Media delivers bite-sized spiritual inspiration on YouTube with captivating visuals and thought-provoking messages. Founded by Steve Kosch, whose passion for faith and video production fuels this unique platform for personal and spiritual growth.

Contact: Steve Kosch, Founder
Phone: 949-720-2080 Pacific Time
Email: heargodmedia@gmail.com
YouTube: @heargodmedia
Google Drive Link for Media Assets https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1yMP_91kANs1Ac6Uu4Txn

SOURCE Hear God Media

CONTACT: Steve Kosch, Founder, 949-720-2080, heargodmedia@gmail.com