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NeuLion Launches Sky Angel Programming

Christian Satellite TV Provider Plans Major Improvements with Transition to IPTV

Contact: Jennifer Powalski, jennifer.powalski@neulion.com, 516-622-8334; Nancy Christopher, nancy.christopher@skyangel.com, 239-403-9130 x213

PLAINVIEW, New York, July 10 /Christian Newswire/ -- NeuLion Inc., the company driving convergence between television and the Internet, proudly announces its partnership with Sky Angel U.S. LLC to launch Sky Angel, multiple channels of Christian-centered and family-friendly programming, using the NeuLion technology platform.

Sky Angel currently delivers over 30 television and radio channels to customers across the contiguous United States using direct broadcast satellite and reaches consumers in homes, churches, prisons, shelters, hospitals and nursing homes. Programming includes family movies; classic sitcoms; Christian shows for kids and teens; biblical teaching and inspirational programs; home life, health and talk shows; documentaries and educational programs; special events, conferences and concerts; Christian music videos; and more.

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) combines traditional television with broadband Internet services. Enhanced programming, additional channels and more choices of programming packages for individual subscribers are specific features afforded by IPTV.

Sky Angel discovered NeuLion when it was reviewing the capabilities of IPTV platforms. It chose NeuLion’s IPTV service for the quality of the experience and broadest market reach, the ability to create an experience better than cable or satellite for the consumer, and NeuLion’s proven, pre-existing IPTV networks in production with sizable consumer bases.

Sky Angel plans to transition its subscriber base in the United States to IPTV over the next year. Consumers may request more information about Sky Angel’s IPTV service at www.skyangel.com.

“We believe the Sky Angel service, using the NeuLion platform, will be more economical than our current satellite system and will provide our viewers more options,” said Rob Johnson, chief executive officer of Sky Angel. “We assessed a variety of different platforms and recognized that NeuLion’s gave our subscribers the best advantages.”

IPTV provides viewers value-added services and conveniences such as the ability to set up their own equipment, to retrieve programs that have already aired, much like a personal video recorder, and to utilize Video on Demand – all of which are the key benefits of an IPTV service.

Sky Angel has been in business for more than 25 years and has a strong subscriber base for its wholesome family-friendly and faith-based programming. The adoption of NeuLion’s technology will improve the television experience and build on that subscriber relationship into the future. NeuLion’s multi-platform service allows Sky Angel to reach viewers anywhere at any time – whether through the television, web or mobile device.

“We are really excited to have Sky Angel join the NeuLion family. We believe this partnership will enhance and ease the viewing for its subscribers and allow them to grow more rapidly and reach even more viewers,” said Chris Wagner, NeuLion’s executive vice president and co-founder.

“We know that our current and future subscribers will truly enjoy the interactive programming and other benefits resulting from the convergence of Internet and television,” said Johnson. “IPTV will provide them with the ability to personalize and maximize their viewing experience.”

About Sky Angel:

Sky Angel® is a Christian-owned multi-channel provider of faith-based and family-friendly TV and radio programming, delivering the widest variety of Christian-based channels to the TV, plus news and family channels. Sky Angel was founded by Robert Johnson Sr. 25 years ago to provide a Christ-centered and family-friendly alternative to the standard television fare. Since then, it has grown into a service providing quality television and radio programming to all corners of the contiguous United States. More about Sky Angel is available by visiting www.skyangel.com.


About NeuLion Inc:

NeuLion Inc. provides the delivery platform for the future of television by developing a service and technology that drives convergence between television and the internet. Working with companies interested in reaching target markets anywhere at anytime, NeuLion’s technology uses the public Internet to aggregate content from any provider and delivers it in real time. Please visit www.neulion.com for more information.