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Pastor Bent Altschul in God's European Revival

35-min. Documentary Now Released (click here)

Throughout eight countries in 36 events, scores of people are touched by the Lord as Pastor Bent Altschul ministers in God's revival

Contact: Great Among The Nations, 310-338-1021

LOS ANGELES, April 11, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- Pastor Bent (Benjamin) Altschul, a Jewish Holocaust survivor and founder of Great Among The Nations Christian ministry, is sent by God with a message for the Bride of Christ to awaken and prepare for her Bridegroom as written in Matthew, chapter 25.  It couldn't come at a better time, as the church is in deep sleep.

Photo: Prophetic teaching in Vienna Austria

Pastor Altschul recounts the message he widely shared during his Prophetic Teaching Conferences, "We can do nothing without the Holy Spirit, and you cannot have revival with God's presence without God's gifts, because He is the one giving us the gifts. These spiritual gifts are driven by oil in your vessel as you burn and illuminate to those around you. That power of the precious Jesus in your vessel will set you free, give you a vision, give you a path of understanding to walk on, give you hope and heal your members. Let us ask for that oil."

In addition to prophetic teaching, Pastor Altschul ministered in Healing and Restoration Services, praying for those asking for healing in their spirit, mind and body. 

Pastor Andreas Timm, Regional Manager of the Federation of Free Evangelical Churches of Germany had this to say: "Our leadership team (elders and pastors) described Pastor Altschul's ministry as fatherly and very mature, absolutely Christ-centered, humble and full of love.  There was the sovereign working of God without music, without a worship team, without pushing people, and without manipulation.  There was prophetic counseling and anointing for the individuals as he ministered.  He spoke into the people's life's situations.  I was rejoicing how he ministered to the individual people and how the Lord encouraged them."

In 75 days of intense mission trips in France, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Poland and the Czech Republic, Christian leaders, pastors and laymen alike seemed to ignite with an inner conviction that can only be contributed to the presence of the Holy Spirit.  Pastor Altschul explained, "My mission is to gather responsible leaders for this time we live in, to bring forth the message that the Lord has put in my heart pertaining to end-time revival.  It will be God's sovereign revival, no man will control it, and it will be global."

Prophecy Symposiums for leaders take place where the Holy Spirit fosters a new wind in the pastors calling through dialogue and prophetic interaction.  In Vienna, Pastor Altschul opened the session by testifying of his personal experiences saying, "Revival has taken place in my life almost since day number one, its like a flame, like an excitement, like a vision, I think a good church has an apostolic basis and a prophetic basis, we always want to look forward." During the open dialogue session, pastors asked questions and discussed pertinent revelations of the time in which we live.  Pastor Altschul's replied to their questions: "We live in the end time. We have two mighty signs that speak about it. They are parallel, these two signs. One of them is Israel and the Jewish people.  The other one is the church and the saints in the church.  They have, for the last 2,000 years, moved parallel to each other but they are not exactly the same. They are mutually exclusive!  They are both suffering, they are both persecuted. The Jews, as a theocracy, suffer because they have not received Jesus as the Messiah, and the saints are persecuted because they DO believe Jesus is the Christ."

The Pastors Renewal Program offers a time for shepherds of the flock to come resolutely to the Lord and ask for renewing in mind and in spirit.  Senior Pastor Marcel Kabissekela, Secretary under the President of Baptist Union of Belgium, introduced Pastor Altschul to Belgian Leaders. Belgian Pastor Emmanuel Mukwege of Brussels, who attended the 'Pastors Renewal of Belgium,' had this to say: "Being one of the Responsible Directors for the Union of Baptists of Belgium for 20 years, this is the first time today I felt something so very powerful that I never sensed before, so I spoke to the other pastors that this is very important, and we need this in our churches."

Leaders Event Planning is also hosted by Pastor Altschul to coordinate events in Europe.  Pastors and leaders of different denominations are experiencing God's presence and restoration of their congregations, just as God's six major revivals over the last four centuries globally united God's people and energized His cause.

Swedish Senior Pastor Ake Carlson of Livets Ord (Living Word) Church had this to say, "We are so glad that Pastor Altschul came to us.  Come see the revival that is going on here in Europe.  It's something special, I tell you it's a confirmation and it's a prophetic time that we live in."

35-min. Documentary Now Released (click here)