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What's God and What's Not

Author's book series releases discernment about the origins of common spiritual experiences

Contact: Julia Loren 530-209-3225

REDDING, Calif., June 23 /Christian Newswire/ -- Signs and wonders from heaven have been reported all over the world in recent years. Angel sightings, near-death experiences, dreams and visions, miracles of healing and other spiritual encounters are captivating the imagination of many through the internet and television shows that support either Christian faith healers or paranormal and occult practitioners. Are they all from God? Can some be constructs of our own mind or even demonic in origin?

Author Julia Loren is fast becoming recognized as one of the Church's foremost authorities on discerning the origins of the variety of spiritual experiences people are having in our day and age – both within the Church and in the world. As a former journalist and a counselor, she leads readers to discover what is God and what is clearly not in her two recent books about common spiritual experiences reported by both Christians and occultists called Shifting Shadows of Supernatural Power and Shifting Shadows of Supernatural Experiences (published by Destiny Image Publishers).

According to Julia, "God is alive and well and knows your name. We should be surprised if we don't encounter the presence of God in some way throughout our life. After all, God created us for relationship with Him. But there are clear boundaries in Scripture that define how we are to experience God and what encounters are not of God."

In the Shifting Shadows series, she traces the roots of America's modern fascination with the paranormal and mediums – roots that lie in Theosophy and ultimately, the Baal worship of Old Testament cults. She also interviews many contemporary leaders of the Charismatic Christian movement whose techniques seem to closely resemble New Age practitioners. By the end of the two-book series, readers come to understand how you can tell if an experience comes from God, or from one's own imagination or neurobiological make-up, or from a demonic source. She also imparts her thoughts about why there seems to be such an emphasis on miracles of healing and supernatural experiences today and why they play such a valid role in Church history.

According to Julia, "No one who has experienced an authentic encounter with the tangible, sensory awareness of the Presence of God can deny that He exists and that He is the God who is love. All other gods pale in comparison to Him. All other shadows flee. Most people have had at least one God-encounter in their lifetime – either through a near-death experience, a dream or a miracle of some sort. They have no idea what to do with it or go to extremes with it. These books give scripturally-based discernment as well as validation for many who have had spiritual experiences and don’t know what to do with them."

For more information about Julia Loren and her books see: www.julialoren.net