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More Blacks Calling for Obama to 'Get Out!' of White House

Contact: Ryan Bomberger, www.SoOutLoud.com, 877-608-2121 

ATLANTA, July 13, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- A bold and original animated music video, calling for President Obama to "GET OUT," was released this week by nationally known speaker and Emmy Award-winning Creative Director, Ryan Bomberger. It was created through the newly launched www.SoOutLoud.com. The 2 minute long video, complete with a jingle that's infectious, adds a creative punch and dares to call out the President's failures on a wide range of issues.

Bomberger's pro-life work has generated massive media coverage (www.TooManyAborted.com) since 2010. He hopes to provoke deeper thought on crucial social/political issues through his separate www.SoOutLoud.com effort.

"I'm as black as Obama, and I'm tired of any legitimate criticism of the President's policies reduced to lazy and ludicrous charges of racism. Obama and the Democrats have been promising a whole lot of hope and change but, instead, have delivered higher unemployment, higher poverty rates and millions more welfare enrollees while aggressively promoting abortion in the black community," Bomberger explains. "Unemployment among Blacks was 12.7% when Obama took office. It spiked at 16.7% last August and remains at 14.4% today. Abortion, which has cultivated a culture of abandonment, occurs up to 6 times more in the black community than in the majority population. Yet, President Obama persistently promotes Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion chain, which claims that 'abortion and food stamps elevate the black community.'"

The U.S. Census Bureau reports that the national poverty rate is 15.1%, with 46.2 million in poverty -- the largest number in the 52 years since this data has been tracked. Under Obama, poverty continues to increase in the black community (currently at 23.3% among ages 18-64), higher than it ever was during the previous administration (which reached a height of 20.6%).

"There is a profound lack of command of history that enables the black community to be so easily swayed by a political party that desperately depends on revising its own history," says Bomberger. "The Democrats -- the party of slavery, Jim Crow laws, anti-women's suffrage movement, the KKK, abortion, and generational welfare -- is also the party that hopes to change our liberties through its abuse of the Constitution. This video just says out loud what many others are feeling."

SoOutLoud.com was founded by Ryan Bomberger, a creative agitator, to deal with social, political and faith-based issues. Bomberger upholds famed orator Frederick Douglass (a Republican) as a profound source of inspiration. He's determined to create messaging that's fearless, factual and freeing.