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Hollywood is the Main Reason Why Americans Get an F For Religion Cites Christian Filmmaker

Contact: Dave Christiano, 828-654-7455

MEDIA ADVISORY, Mar. 8 /Christian Newswire/ -- George Lucas, producer of the Star Wars movies, once said, “the church, which used to be all powerful, has been usurped by film”. Christian Producer Dave Christiano agrees. Hollywood rules! And it rules without the Lord.

“You can’t find one drama on television produced by Hollywood that presents Jesus Christ in an honorable way,” said Christiano. “They won’t mention the holy name of Jesus in a way that glorifies Him. It just isn’t there.”

Christiano turned on television recently and flipped to every channel. He could not find one dramatic program mention the name of Jesus Christ (in an non-slanderous way) or find any character quoting the Bible.

And this is one main reason why Christiano produced, “7th Street Theater”, which bills itself as the first prime time Christian drama series (now airing on TBN, Saturday night at 11pm est, 10pm cst, 9pm mst, 8pm pst). The half hour drama has characters freely talk about Jesus Christ and presents strong Christian content.

"Hollywood is basically Christ-less and it ignores that about 90 million people go to church every week in America and even more claim to be 'Christian'. That’s a large segment of the population and yet as the article on USA Today by Cathy Lynn Grossman stated, most people would get an 'F' if asked about their faith." said Christiano.

"Even though there has been some faith-based films released out of Hollywood lately, they are still void of the name of Jesus and that is their whole agenda," says Christiano. "Christianity without Jesus is not Christianity."

“I’m convinced most people who say they are Christians could not tell you the gospel or what it means to be born again,” said Christiano. “And the main reason, to me, is Hollywood. The entertainment industry is a dominant force in people's lives and almost all of it is godless. I mean, how many people are going to get blown up on TV this week, or how many murders are going to be committed, and how many shows are going to include sex scenes?

Christiano thinks that programs like “7th Street Theater” can help bring decency back to television and at the same time be entertaining. It can also open people’s eyes to spiritual issues, which are really the most important, but also the most neglected.

“People should get an 'A' when it comes to the Bible,” says Christiano, “not an F.”