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From Trash To Treasures

From Trash To Treasures, A novel by Eva Dimel

Contact: Eva Dimel, 614-875-9263

GROVE CITY, Ohio, Nov. 30, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- The following is submitted by Dr. Arvil Jones, editor of From Trash To Treasures:

    Virtually every book, irrespective of its genre, somewhere near the beginning, makes certain claims about its content. The reader, of course, has the right to expect the book to live up to its claims. But let it also be said that, not every reader will come away with the same opinion after reading the same book. And with only these three sentences, whoever is reading this introduction has already begun to formulate in his or her mind, perhaps not an opinion, but a certain anticipation as to what this book – this novel, is all about. Then let us save some time and effort by jumping into the pond with both feet.
    But first – it will be advantageous to tell the reader the negative aspect of this book – what it is not about. It is not about the triumph of the human spirit over adversity. It includes that, of course, but goes far beyond it. It is not about the resiliency and adaptability of humans to their present environment and all the different aspects of that environment, although it includes these also, but transcends all of them.

    The author of this novel, Eva Dimel, in close collaboration with Dr. Arvil Jones, and being urged by a beloved sister, hesitated for nearly a lifetime before agreeing to have this book written and published. The reader, upon reading the first few pages, will understand why. Eva knows personally what it is like to be called “trash”, and she knows how it feels to believe that she was exactly that – trash, both socially and sexually, and all at a very young age.

    Positively, this book is about the love and grace of the one and only true and living God, who alone is able to take hold of the reins of human lives that are being driven toward Hell at breakneck speed, and turn those lives into something more beautiful than human language is capable of describing. This book will take you to the utmost depths of human shame and depravity. And depending upon your own personal philosophy, and/or relationship to God, it will raise you to the utmost heights of joy. These are pretty big claims for a book, are they not? Now, let us see if these claims can be substantiated.