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Does Knowing the Gospel Influence Your Well-being

Contact: Lindsay Nelson, Teleios, Inc., 843-819-0201

GOOSE CREEK, S.C., March 16, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ -- Teleios, Inc., announces the results of a survey conducted among young self-described evangelical Christians evaluating confidence in salvation and association with well-being and adherence to faith.

Participants were recruited with ads placed on InstaPray, a Christian Instagram account. In total, 1526 people participated of whom 73% indicated they were evangelical with an average age of 23 years; 70% were female and 53% had completed at least some college.

This survey provided four major findings. Participants who most confidently identified themselves as saved by grace (16%):

  • Adhered more closely to the practice of their faith
  • Had greater confidence in the security of their salvation
  • Indicated better personal: well-being, contentment, peace, joy and purpose
  • Enjoyed reduced guilt levels

Greater adherence to their faith in the 'saved by grace' group was supported by more frequent: church attendance, fellowship, Bible study, teaching others the Bible and verbally sharing the gospel. Further, those most confident in being saved by grace were more likely to specify they were evangelical (93%) than those less able to clearly express salvation by grace (69%).

Summary: This survey suggests that if young adults who identify themselves as evangelical can express confidently that they are saved by grace alone, they are more likely to be eternally secure, practice their faith and possess higher levels of well-being. More results are on the Teleios website at: teleiosresearch.com/index.php/media/sbg-data.

Teleios seeks to demonstrate the truth of Scripture and the Christian faith through the scientific method by providing evidence for the positive results of a Biblically-based lifestyle. Prior studies conducted by Teleios have shown that the practice of the Christian faith (praise, prayer, fellowship, service and Bible study) and security of salvation increases well-being while reducing guilt. A fuller description of findings can be found on the website teleiosresearch.com.