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Pastor Who Was In Special Forces Emphasizes that God Can Change Anyone

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ENUMCLAW, Wash., Mar. 9 /Christian Newswire/ -- Reverend Dr. Clifford E. Baker was born to a family that lived in the best part of town. But his comfortable life ended when his father died after an illness that wiped out all the family’s finances. His mother sold their family home and bought a beer hall in a cheaper part of town. It had a large back room that was quickly turned into a gambling den and illegal drinking place.

“From a Speakeasy to the Cross” by Baker is the author’s personal story of his life journey from that beer hall to his amazing service in the Navy during WWII and continuing on through his conversion experience and finally to a ministry with lumberjacks and mill workers.

Baker was still very young when he joined the Navy and then became part of a Special Forces unit. His job was to swim ashore to an island held by the Japanese and jam their communications. It was dangerous work and only two of his group of seven survived the war. The final request of one of those who did not make it was that his buddies would go to church once with him. The request ate away at Baker’s heart after his friend’s death. Finally he went to a church and found fellowship and faith in Jesus Christ.

After the war and his discharge from service, the author went to seminary. Upon graduation he was ordained an evangelist and became a National Missionary to lumberjacks and mill workers. There he began tent evangelism to the many lumber camps, sawmills, and itinerant groups of construction workers. He spent many years ministering to these people and has seen many of these rough, hardened men become believers and be baptized.

Baker wrote his story to show that no matter what depths sin has taken people, the power of Jesus Christ can change them.

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