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Day Gardner, National Black Pro-Life Union Comments on Senator Obama and Epidemic of Violence

Contact: Day Gardner, 202-834-0844, dgardner@nplac.org


WASHINGTON, July 18 /Christian Newswire/ -- African Americans throughout history have broken through barriers--strongholds, built by social injustice. Senator Obama is another black American proving what we as a people have always known--with hard work and opportunity we can achieve greatness!

Recently, the inspiring Senator spoke to a congregation of concerned Christians at the Vernon Church of God in Chicago about the urgent need to end the "epidemic of violence" devastating our urban communities-- killing our children. He noted that 36 children had been killed just this year.

I found it interesting that Mr. Obama neglected to include the 20,000 children who were gruesomely--violently killed last year in Chicago, (Cook County), by abortion--many of them just days before being "welcomed" into the world.

Recently, Senator Obama criticized the U.S. Supreme Court decision to uphold the ban on partial birth abortion stating it was "part of a concerted effort to roll back women's rights."

No, Mr. Obama…it was a concerted effort to ensure rights for all Americans no matter how small they may be.

Unfortunately, Barack Obama has heartlessly embraced the culture of death surrounding this country--one that includes killing human beings who cannot speak for themselves and are too small to fight back.

The Senator said this generation of young men have become products of violence, and must "break the cycle". He stated, "…There's a reason they go out and shoot each other, because they don't love themselves. And the reason they don't love themselves is because we are not loving them enough."

The young men Mr. Obama spoke of are simply doing what children do--they are following our lead. So far, we have been bad examples. We are teaching our young people that life is worthless--if he gets in your way--take him out! If an unborn child gets in your way--take him out!

Abortion is the number one killer of African Americans--killing more black people than heart attacks, stroke, HIV-AIDS, accidents, cancer, violent crime and all other deaths--COMBINED! More than 15 million black people--lost to abortion since 1973.

So, Mr. Obama, we agree--the cycle of violence must be broken! We must "love our children enough" to lead by example--to help them respect themselves and the lives of others--born and unborn--a true leader would know that.

Day Gardner is President of the National Black Pro-life Union and staff member at NPLAC on Capitol Hill. 202-834-0844