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Illinois Elites Keep Blacks in Their Place

Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights
Nov. 28, 2023

NEW YORK, Nov. 28, 2023 /Christian Newswire/ -- The following is submitted by Bill Donohue, President, Catholic League:

    The most important factor in accounting for upward mobility is the structure of the family. Kids who come from two parent families generally do well. Those who come from one-parent families do not.

    The second most important factor in accounting for upward mobility is the type and quality of the school. Kids who go to private and parochial schools generally do better than those who go to public schools (the exception being those who go to charter schools, who also do very well).

    Thanks to decades of fighting school choice, promoted by liberals, black students are confined to the public schools. Those who fight school choice also fight charter schools, meaning black kids are forced to attend the worst of the public schools.

    Do liberals hate blacks? No. But they are racists nonetheless. How so? As I pointed out in War on Virtue: How the Ruling Class Is Killing the American Dream, they don't treat blacks as equals. They treat them as people who can't make it on their own, without the help of white liberal custodians, of course.

    Illinois is a good example. As the Wall Street Journal pointed out, "It is now the first state to kill a major school choice program." We looked into those who killed it and found that it is the rich and powerful.

    The head of the Chicago Teachers Union, Stacy Davis Gates, led the charge for the education industry. She enrolled her oldest child in De La Salle, a Catholic school; the tuition is almost $15,000 a year. No one will ever ask her why she didn’t think the public schools were good enough for her kid, but are apparently good enough for other kids.

    Jan Schakowsky led the fight in the Illinois legislature to keep blacks from leaving the public schools. A powerful Democrat, her net worth is $5 million. She has a house in Evanston and a vacation home on Lake Shore Drive in Michigan City, Indiana.

    Gov. J.B. Pritzker could have led the charge to liberate black kids from the public schools, but did absolutely nothing to help the school choice movement. He is a billionaire. The Pritzker Family Foundation is awash with money for schools that are already wealthy, but it spends not a dime on black parents wanting to send their children to a private or parochial school. Not surprisingly, the governor sends his kids to private schools.

    As a result of what these rich and powerful people have done, 9,600 low-income children will see their scholarships end. It does not matter to these mostly white rich people who are working against them that more than 20,000 children, mostly black, are on the waiting list for a scholarship. They're finished.

    If white racists wanted to keep blacks in their place, they couldn't do a better job than these Illinois "friends" of African Americans.

    Contact Anne Caprara, Pritzker's chief-of-staff: anne.caprara@illinois.gov 

SOURCE Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights

CONTACT: 212-371-3191, pr@catholicleague.org