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Chrisagis Brothers Start New Men's Conference Ministry -- Fishers of Men

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Chrisagis Brothers

YORKVILLE, Ohio, Sept. 24, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Chrisagis Brothers (Brian and Shawn) are two men who never stop creating new ways to reach people for Jesus. The popular duo created a woman's conference called "Faithful Women" that became a great success this past month with women from all over the United States being apart of it. Now on the heels of that success the Brothers have decided to do a Christian Men's Conference as well.

Men's conferences have been done in the past like Promise Keepers and Full Gospel Business Men but both groups are no longer in existence. So the Brothers have decided on trying to do one called "Fishers Of Men." They want to unite Christian Men and help them become strong in their walk with Christ. The Chrisagis Brothers say that if men would become militant for the things of God they can change the world around them. God wants to see faithful men who believe the Word of God and love the Lord with their whole hearts. It is easy to unite women, women love fellowship, they love to show emotion, they aren't afraid to share or cry, or to love, but men are a different breed.

Jesus called men out to be His followers, He showed that men should bond with each other, He showed they could love each other, they could keep each other accountable, they could be faithful, they could be strong, and yet they can be gentle and even cry. So often men have been taught to hold things in and not speak on things. But this is not what this conference is about, it is about becoming brothers in Christ, sharing, caring, seeking God together, growing together and having true fellowship as Christ showed through His brotherhood with the 12 Apostles. He called His followers "Fishers Of Men" and we have taken that name for this conference because that is what Christian Men are called to be. If men became what God wants for them, the family unit would be so much better. There wouldn't be divorce, there wouldn't be abuse and every child would feel the love of his or her dad.

The conference is set for March 13th & 14th at Ohio Valley Christian Center in Wheeling, West Virginia and will have not only the Chrisagis Brothers on the roster but International Christian Leaders like Warren Marcus, Stephen Swisher, and Matt Hybarger, plus strong men in ministry from the area like Pastor Don Marsh, Ed Moore, Ric Zambito, Chuck Michaels, and Jeff Garrison to name a few.