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New, Crowdfunded Video Series Shows Jesus in Every Book of the Bible
Spoken Gospel
Sept. 10, 2019
OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, Sept. 10, 2019 /Christian Newswire/ -- Spoken Gospel — a non-profit, crowdfunded digital media ministry that produces short-form videos to help people see Jesus in every corner of the Bible — is launching their new series introducing every book of the Bible.

"The Torah," which is free and available now, is a set of creative videos that use spoken word poetry to introduce the first five books of the Bible, showing its main theme and how that theme is fulfilled in Jesus. Each video takes place in the same black box theater but uses different artistic disciplines, sets, actors, and vehicles to tell each book's unique story.

Spoken Gospel was started by Christian spoken word poet, David Bowden. Bowden, author of "When God Isn't There" and "Rewire Your Heart" (Nelson Books), has garnered a following for his theologically rich content delivered in an approachable and passionate style. After over a decade of producing Christian videos, attracting millions of views, Bowden has turned his attention squarely onto Bible engagement.

"I have become increasingly convinced of the complete necessity of seeing Jesus in the Bible," Bowden says. "So, me and a few friends did something about it. We're starting right at the beginning with the first five books of the Bible called, 'The Torah' – Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy – and plan to make a video for every book of the Bible in the next couple of years, along with video devotionals, and podcasts."

The entire series is crowdfunded, free, and available to watch at SpokenGospel.com.

About Spoken Gospel
Based in Oklahoma City, OK, Spoken Gospel is a non-profit digital media ministry committed to fostering transformative Bible engagement by producing creative videos that help people see and savor the good news of Jesus on every page of the Bible.

For more information, reach out to Eric Smith at media@spokengospel.com or view our press kit at media.spokengospel.com.

SOURCE Spoken Gospel

CONTACT: Eric Smith, 918-557-2977, media@spokengospel.com