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Anniversary of the Mob -- Standing Up to Anarchy One of Texas' Finest Hours

Contact: Allan Parker, The Justice Foundation, 210-614-7157, info@txjf.org

SAN ANTONIO, Texas, June 24, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- The following is submitted by Allan Parker, President of The Justice Foundation:

    I was there a year ago when mob rule was attempted in Texas.  I was not there the night of the first filibuster, but I was at home watching it on my computer.  The mob and Senator Wendy Davis accomplished through shouting, screaming and disruption, what they could not achieve through persuasion when the first filibuster worked to thwart the will of the majority.  The next day I went to Austin to ask for a special session.  

    I was there when I saw Texans from all walks of life rise up and say: "We won't let anarchy rule in Texas!" We rose up and demanded a special session.  We answered the call to come to Austin to stand against the tyranny of the angry and insulting mob.  I was there when her supporters drew pentagrams in the Capitol.   I saw them shouting "Hail, Satan" on You Tube.  I saw the signs that said: "Abortion on demand and without apology." I heard them chanting: "No church.  No state: we determine our own fate."   That means no moral code and no government will tell them what to do.  Each person doing whatever he or she wants is anarchy.  

    I was there at midnight on final passage of House Bill 2, when the DPS told us that we should go to legislators’ offices; and lock ourselves in the room for our own safety.  The DPS troopers were not sure they could control the mob.  I was there when I was escorting a group of women hurt by the abortion industry, past the mob who was yelling at them: "Shame, shame, shame."  I have never before been in a place where I thought the crowd would have picked up rocks and thrown them at me if any had been handy.  The hate was very real! 

    But I was very proud of the sensible, decent law-abiding citizens who came to Austin by the thousands to stand against the mob.  They were quiet, but bold in signing up to testify in support about HB 2.  They were kind and loving, even to those who would have been happy to spit in their face.  I was happy when they prayed and sang in public for peace and justice! 

    To me, ordinary Texans overcoming the mob by steadfastly, strongly and courageously doing the right thing was one of the finest moments in Texas History.

Allan Parker is the President of The Justice Foundation, a non-profit public interest foundation dedicated to limiting government to its appropriate role and seeking justice.