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Pastors: Audio Bibles Meet Church-Goers Needs

Pastors agree, many people aren't reading their Bibles.

Contact: Jon D. Wilke, Faith Comes By Hearing, 508-881-3321

MEDIA ADVISORY, April 4 /Christian Newswire/ -- Nationally recognized research organizations found that 65 percent of adults who identified themselves as Bible readers haven't read the entire New Testament. Another survey of 500 pastors revealed that "lack of time" was the No. 1 reason why Christians aren't reading their Bibles.

"If people don't engage in God's Word, then how are they going to know the truth and hope it contains?" said Troy Carl, the national director for the world’s foremost Audio Bible ministry, Faith Comes By Hearing. "Audio Bibles provide an innovative way for people to incorporate the Word of God into their daily lives."

Pastors report that Audio Bibles are helping people spend time in the Word of God, claiming people are now listening to the Bible throughout the day, such as while getting ready for work, during daily commutes, while exercising or during other routine activities.

More than 40,000 Audio Bibles have been distributed as part of You've Got The Time Albuquerque, a volunteer Bible listening campaign which is being coordinated by Faith Comes By Hearing. In fact, since this campaign's mid-December launch, more than 37,000 Audio Bibles have been given out to Albuquerque churches, while thousands more have been downloaded from the ministry website, www.FaithComesByHearing.com.

"You've Got The Time Albuquerque is working," said Carl. "Church-goers across this area are sowing the Word of God into their everyday lives by listening to the Bible."

Going into its fourth month, You've Got The Time Albuquerque is designed to strengthen local congregations, disciple Bible listeners and equip people with practical and life-changing Audio Bibles. In participating churches, every person receives a free Audio Bible, regardless of age. Pastors and church leaders then challenge church-goers to listen through the entire New Testament by investing only 28 minutes a day for 40 days. These congregations then receive offerings to be used in bringing God's Word to the 50 percent of the world that is unable to read.

Currently, nearly 100 churches from 55 denominations are involved in this community Bible listening project.

"You've Got The Time has brought our annual reading challenge to a whole new level by addressing the real challenge of finding time," said Pastor Jerome Wade of Destiny Center Church.

Rev. Dewey Johnson from Sandia Presbyterian Church agreed, "The You've Got The Time campaign has caught on in our congregation beyond our wildest imagination." Leaders at this church alone say more than 1,100 people committed to listening through their Audio Bibles.

"With advances in audio technology, people now have a way to hear the life-changing Word of God wherever they go," said Carl.

"The Bible in digital format literally provides endless opportunities to expose a person's life to the transforming Word of God," Pastor Wade added.

This increased exposure has many church leaders noticing dramatic results. Some say they have seen personal and church-wide revival, increases in spiritual hunger, growth and church commitment, as well as greater desire for community outreach.

Pastor John Hancock of Southwest Heights Church said his church family has experienced renewal "By simply taking time to hear the heart of God through Audio Bibles."

At Hoffmantown Church, Missions Pastor Curtis Brickley said, "Everything we're seeing God do in Albuquerque is because of prayer and His Word. It's no coincidence that many in our churches have taken the time to listen to the Word through the You've Got The Time program."

"This is the most simple and effective tool there is to get the Word of God into the daily lives of busy people," commented Pastor Alan Brooks from New Life Bible Ministries.

"Anytime people begin to interact with God's Word, like you see here in Albuquerque, people begin to want to help other people. They also begin to tell other people about the God of the Bible," said Carl.

"We are seeing churches coming together to be the hands and feet of Jesus!" Pastor Brickley added.

To receive free Audio Bibles for every member in your church, contact the ministry at 800-545-6552 or email info@fcbhmail.org. Download your free Audio New Testament at www.FaithComesByHearing.com.