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Grassroots Citizens, Undeterred by First Cloture Vote, Continue to Press for 'No Amnesty'

Over 125,000 Citizen Contacts to Senate Made by Grassfire Team Members in Past 24 Hours


Contact: Ron De Jong, Grassfire.org Alliance, 757-487-7900, ron@grassfire.org


MAXWELL, Iowa, June 27 /Christian Newswire/ -- Grassroots citizens are already reacting strongly to the Senate's 64-35 vote to formally revive the Bush-Kennedy Amnesty bill on the Senate floor, says one of the leading grassroots organizers in opposition to the bill.


"In the past 24 hours alone, we have seen more than 125,000 citizen contacts in the form of petitions, phone calls and faxes to the Senate opposing the bill," says Steve Elliott, President of Grassfire.org. "I don't see discouragement; I see determination. Our online community site immediately spiked with a higher flow of traffic than when the bill was first introduced. Since this vote, more citizens than ever are re-engaging this debate with a new flood of faxes and phone calls."


"Within 30 minutes of the Senate vote, Grassfire was communicating to its team members a new list of targets -- Senators who either switched their vote in support of amnesty or have indicated they are uncertain about their vote on the decisive cloture vote to come. Elliott says their revised fax campaign is even more pointed: "We're encouraging citizens to fax a giant letter 'A' to Senators," he says. "Call it kind of a 'scarlet letter' of Amnesty that each of these amnesty Senators will symbolically wear for the rest of their political careers."


Grassfire.org team members have made more than 1.5 million personal contacts to the Senate and the President opposing this bill since its initial announcement last month. Grassfire's "Where's The Fence?"™ television ads have reached more than 25 million people and continue to impact the debate.


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For more information about Grassfire.org, or to schedule an interview with Grassfire President Steve Elliott, contact Ron De Jong at 757-487-7900 or email Ron De Jong