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Alternative Jamestown Event Draws Thousands to Virginia for America's 400th Birthday

Contact: Wesley Strackbein,  Jamestown Quadricentennial, 210-340-5250, ext. 222, press@visionforum.org


JAMESTOWN, Va., June 13 /Christian Newswire/ -- More than 4,000 from around the nation have gathered this week in Virginia's Williamsburg-Jamestown-Yorktown triangle to take part in the Jamestown Quadricentennial, a six-day jubilee dedicated to celebrating God's providential hand in America's history. The event, hosted by Vision Forum Ministries, is an alternative to the state-sponsored commemoration of Jamestown's founding where the word "celebration" was banned by officials who viewed the settlement of Jamestown as an "invasion."


"Four hundred years ago, God wrought a mighty work at Jamestown, and this gives us cause to rejoice," observed Doug Phillips, president of Vision Forum Ministries. "While others have sought to disparage Jamestown's legacy, we are blessed by the thousands who have joined us this week to celebrate our nation's founding on the banks of the James in 1607."


The weeks' activities -- which kicked off Monday morning with a reenactment of the settler's first landing -- include guided history tours of Williamsburg, Yorktown, and Jamestown; dramatic plays and reenactments; balloon and boat rides; scholarly symposiums on early Jamestown history; as well as live musical performances in the spirit of centennials past.


"Our vision for the Jamestown Quadricentennial has resonated with thousands of families across America," noted Phillips. "Most of the individual events planned for this six-day jubilee sold out weeks ago, and we have turned thousands away due to space constraints."


While tickets are sold out for activities scheduled for the first four days of the Quadricentennial celebration, there are a few hundred spaces still available for the Celebration finale which will be held this Friday and Saturday on the grounds of Fort Pocahontas. This two-day finale will feature a children's parade, balloon rides, arms demonstrations, a reenactment camp, live musical performances, stirring speeches, and the dedication to the Jamestown Children's memorial, a monument paid for by the $1 donations of America's grateful children.


"We must remember God's providence in our nation's history if we are to persevere as a people," remarked Phillips. "It is our prayer that, through this event, we can inspire our children with a vision of hope for the future as we tell them the stories of America's past."


To interview Doug Phillips regarding his vision for the Jamestown Quadricentennial, contact Wesley Strackbein by e-mail at press@visionforum.org or by phone at (210) 340-5250, ext. 222.