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Healing Through 40 Days for Life Prayer Campaign

Contact: Darlene Wagner, 860-456-3165


NORWICH, Conn., Oct. 25 /Christian Newswire/ -- Nicole Peck is a spokesperson for the 40 Days for Life prayer campaign being conducted outside the Planned Parenthood clinic in Norwich CT., who recently adopted a child. She had an abortion when she was 15, and still after surgery she simply has never conceived again. "If I knew then what I know now about abortions, I would have two sons instead of one and would never have had an abortion. I could have put my son up for adoption and possibly been reunited with him in later years." Nicole said. "I never would have had an abortion if only I was wise enough to see into the future and knew the truth about abortion - that infertility can result and a woman may never have a child again!"


Many post abortion women have come forward to participate in 40 Days for Life hoping to make a difference and warn women about the devastation abortion brings in a personal way. Lisa Martin said, "It has been twenty years since my first pregnancy and abortion. I have since become a Catholic and confessed my sins, gotten married and confided all to my husband, seen a therapist for counseling, seen a psychiatrist and been treated with an anti-depressant, and I'm still not healed, though not for lack of trying! I have gone from pro-choice (I even marched in Washington D.C. in 1989--defending my 'right' to have a 'choice' in my first abortion) to Pro-Life in just two years, and I am just beginning to truly deal with the pain."


Another 40 Days for Life participant, Lucy Meesha, said, "What I needed was to be supported in my own motherly instinct but was instead only lied to, threatened, and coerced. I believe that abortion harms women's health and their reproductive system. I believe that it is a sign we have failed women and that we have failed children and we really are the perpetrators of their abuse."


"Only God can fill that hole," said Lisa Martin. "I've tried everything but nothing else has worked. My Prayer is -- Jesus, end abortion. Simply stop letting women hurt themselves. Have the baby -- there is support."


Over 80 per cent of 252 women surveyed, who were post-abortive, said they would have carried to term under better circumstances or with the support of loved ones. For more information visit www.40daysforlife.com/norwich