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How Can Your Church Support Adoption and Orphan Care? New Book Offers Practical Tips for Building Support Networks

Contact: Abigail Davidson, Publicist, WinePress Publishing Group, 360-802-9758

MEDIA ADVISORY, June 26 /Christian Newswire/ -- Between 130,000 and 150,000 adoptions are approved by U.S. courts every year, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. But these success stories aren't without a measure of hang-ups, red tape, and heartache.

Not even the rich and famous are exempt from the inherent complications in the adoption process. 'People' Magazine reported Madonna's recent adoption of David Banda from Malawi, Africa, was so difficult she almost gave up-repeatedly.

In the past decade, Laura Christianson, an adoption expert and author, has met countless people on all sides of the adoption equation. Adopted people, adoptive parents, and birth parents all need the same thing, she says: connection with someone who understands. "People tell me, 'If only I had another person to talk with who understands what I'm going through; it would make all the difference.'"

People in the adoption world need tools to network with one another, says Christianson. In her new book, 'The Adoption Network,' she details the foundations of creating a faith-based networking system for those whose lives are directly impacted by adoption.

The book suggests ideas for parents-in-waiting, adoptive families, birth/first parents, adopted people, and foster families. It also includes detailed suggestions for how to train church leaders (both pastors and lay people) to minister to a wide range of individuals with a large span of needs.

Specifically, Christianson covers topics such as:

·         Developing a mission statement

·         Planning a budget

·         Recruiting leadership

·         Reaching out to the community

·         Creating workshops, support groups, social events, and mentoring programs

"My goal is to offer practical information that readers can begin using immediately, whether they live in large or small communities."

For interviews or review copies please contact Abigail Davidson at 360-802-9758. For more information about Laura Christianson visit her website at www.laurachristianson.com.