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Standard Newswire to Profit from PR Newswire's Closing of US Newswire

Contact: Gary McCullough, Standard Newswire, 212-290-1585, newsdesk@standardnewswire.com


NEW YORK, June. 20 /Christian Newswire/ -- The absorption of US Newswire by its owner, PR Newswire, became complete as US Newswire's website is now no longer online.  Standard Newswire expects to benefit greatly from this change in the market.


Standard Newswire director Gary McCullough comments, "In 1986, US Newswire saw a gap in the market and took full advantage of it.  US Newswire promoted itself as a focused way to reach reporters with breaking news.  Its marketing success was to draw a clear distinction between US Newswire and the behemoth PR Newswire.  US Newswire promoted itself as a lean and swift, more productive, more efficient service than PR Newswire, a place where breaking news press releases were readily available.


"Now that niche is Standard Newswire's to exploit.   As US Newswire disappears within PR Newswire, Standard Newswire is now the 'lean and swift, more productive, more efficient service.'


"Reporters and news producers do not want to wade through the mountainous structure and quantity of financial press releases to find breaking news sources.  The US/PR Newswire machine is an industry 'Goliath.'  In the business of distributing news releases, today's 'David' is Standard Newswire, and Standard Newswire is happy to exist in Goliath's shadow and benefit from their perspicuous differences.


"Standard Newswire is in an ideal position to take advantage of this closing of US Newswire's service by PR Newswire."