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Considering Homeschooling: Building the Values Voter Base and Hope for Future Elections

Contact: Charles B. Lowers, Considering Homeschooling, 949-916-6816, info@consideringhomeschooling.com


MEDIA ADVISORY, Nov. 9 /Christian Newswire/ --In the wake of an election that was devastating to the pro-family and pro-life agenda, Considering Homeschooling (www.consideringhomeschooling.com) a nationwide homeschool recruitment group, urges Christians families to view homeschooling as a long-term means to protect the family and influence government.


"America and much of the church are spiritually and intellectually bankrupt, which is not surprising since we send the majority of our Christian children off to public schools to be indoctrinated into the religion of secular humanism and moral relativity," said Charles B. Lowers, Executive Director of Considering Homeschooling, "Millions of grown up public school children, including those labeling themselves 'Christian' are sowing ruin at the ballot box."


"Public schools are liberal voter factories that have been eroding our society's Christian worldview for generations. Most Christians sent to public schools do not hold a biblical worldview by graduation, so why would anyone expect them to vote wisely?"


"In contrast, biblical homeschooling can produce highly educated individuals who can see through a Michael J. Fox publicity stunt," says Lowers, "Even my five year old knows the difference between adult stem cells and stem cells harvested from unborn babies, which is more than I can say for the average American voter."


"Here is the hope – that if Christian parents took seriously the responsibility God gave them to train up their own children and homeschooled, those biblically grounded children would use the blessing of representative democracy to elect governments and pass laws that honor God and His commandments."


"Those who know the Lord need to be strategic and approach the future with optimism. Millions more Christian children being homeschooled would have a big impact on the future of this country, not to mention the eternal souls of those children. If your goal is to eliminate abortion, protect marriage, or to stop human cloning, then homeschooling the next generation of Christians should be part of your plan."


Considering Homeschooling, a group Lowers and his wife started in 2001 to reach Christian parents, not only encourages believers in Jesus to homeschool, it also encourages others to start homeschool outreach groups in their own areas. The national outreach, a project of the original Considering Homeschooling flagship group, is based in Southern California, and may be the largest homeschool recruitment group for parents of young children in the country.